Best Portable Bed For Adults Reviews in 2020

The Best Portable Bed For Adults|Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Are you looking for the most comfortable portable bed for adults or your camping needs? It is time to upgrade your camping gear and guest room with a new type of bed that is both comfortable and highly portable.

If you need the most comfortable fold up bed to use in your guesthouse or at the campsite, you’re at the best place.

Unlike the common types of beds that are used at home, portable beds are a breeze to set up.

To simplify your work much further, here are some of the best foldable beds for heavy adults, kids, and guests. These beds have won the crown for the most comfortable portable beds.

5 Best Portable Fold Up Bed In The Market In The Year 2020.

1. The Inofia foldable, folding bed

Inofia foldable, folding bed is a rollaway extra guest bed with a 5-inch memory foam mattress and a portable metal frame with wheels. With 75 inches length and 38 inches width, the twin size bed is foldable for easy storage and to save on space.

Learn More About The comfortable portable bed

This portable twin sized bed can be folded down to 13.5 inches, which can be ideal if you want to save on space. The bed is equipped with a 5 inches thick memory form mattress, making it the most comfortable portable bed on the market. The mattress comes with a cover that has a zipper making it easy to remove and to wash.

The bed is made of a tube-like metal frame that contains wheels that lock the bed in place and also make moving it more comfortable. The metal frame can be folded in half, making it easy to store it.

The size of the bed is 75″ length, 38″ width, and 11.5″ height from the ground. The size of the mattress is 75″ length, 38″ Width, and 5″ thick. The mattress weighs 19.85 lb while the frame weight is 34.59 lb. The whole package weight, in general, is 63.94 lb, which is very light and recommended for a portable travel bed for adults.

Features at a glance

As one of the most comfortable travel bed, the Inofia beds come with the following features:

  • Durability to ensure long-lasting performance.

Tubular frames are made from incredibly strong metal to ensure that they can last for a  long period. They are also coated with eco-friendly paint, which protects the frame from rusting. The wheels attached to the frame are made from high-quality material to ensure durability.

  • Saves on space, and it is an extra bed for guests.

The Inofia folding portable adult beds are designed to solve the challenges that come with traditional beds. For, instance, traditional beds are big, bulky, and impossible to store. These roll away portable beds can be folded together with their foam mattress to occupy a maximum of 44*38*13.5 inches. This is an ideal size for storage, which means that the bed can easily be kept away and only brought out when needed.

  • Portable and easy to assemble.

Assembling this rollaway bed is very easy; it will only take up to a maximum of five minutes, and you do not need any extra tools to get the job done. The bed comes with a set of instructions; follow them keenly to assemble it. The wheels attached to the frame make the bed mobile. After joining the bed for the very first time, it is essential to allow it to aerate for up to 72 hours so it can fully expand into the comfortable bed it is.

  • It has a 5 inches thick foam mattress for maximum comfort.

The 5-inch foam mattress is made up of 1.5 inches of memory foam and over 3.5 inches of the high-density support foam base. The material used allows the bed to conform to your body curve and to release the pressure points.

The mattress is neither too hard nor too soft, making it the perfect fit. It provides you with maximum comfort and support while you sleep. The zipper cover is easy to remove and to wash. You, therefore, don’t have to worry when you need to do some cleaning.

  • Comes with a 5 years warranty

If you’re looking for quality and peace of mind, then you should go for the Inofia folding portable bed. The manufacturer stands behind the product with a whopping 5 years limited warranty.

What we liked about the Inofia folding portable beds 

Listed below is a list of the pros of the Inofia portable beds:

Comfortable mattress – The mattress is thick and made with material that is not too hard or soft, allowing it to conform with your body as you sleep.

Easy storage – when folded, the bed reduces in size, and it can easily fit in the closet.

Easy to assemble – It takes up minimal effort and time to set up. The bottom has castors that easily roll when folded up, but when unfolded, the legs keep it in one place without fear of it being unstable.

Most comfortable travel bed – the bed has a reasonable weight and size when it is folded, making it the perfect travel companion for you.

Convenience this is the type of product that you need to buy and keep in your house because you don’t know when you’ll need it.


What we disliked about the Inofia portable bed for adults 

Some customers who bought the bed have expressed their concerns about this product. The major concerns raised by a majority of the complaining customers include;

××The bed is not cheap, but after about a year of use, the bed starts making slight noises at the joints. However, the overall frame is sturdy, along with a comfortable mattress.

××The bed is sturdy, but the handles won’t screw easily because they were not machine-levelled.

Bottom Line

The Inofia folding beds have made it to the top of our list for being the most comfortable portable beds. They offer all the comfort of traditional bed minus the heavyweight. They are comfy, affordable, portable, and easy to use. In summary, Inofia foldable folding bed stands out as an excellent portable travel beds for adults.

 2. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed Review

If you’re looking for the best twin size folding beds with a luxurious memory form mattress and super stiff frame, then Milliard Diplomat will be an excellent choice for you. The milliard diplomat foldable bed has been ranked high as one for the most comfortable portable beds on the market today.

Learn More About One Of The Most Comfortable Travel Beds

The milliard diplomat bed was created as a result of valued customer reviews and extensive testing. The bed manufacturer has addressed the majority of folding beds drawbacks raised by many users to ensure that you get a quality portable travel beds for adults. Super-sturdy wire lattice base is fitted in this portable bed  to make it more robust.

The bed also comes with a high-quality 5-inch memory foam mattress, to offer a unique balance between comfort and stability. Milliard diplomat bed features an adjustable strap, buckle, pivoting wheels, and leg grips.

Features at glance

Milliard diplomat folding bed comes with amazing features that will ensure you get value for your money by the end of the day. This portable bed comes with the following features;

  • Exceptional support and stability – The milliard diplomat bed features a full-metal bed frame and 4 extra-durable legs, which include a unique wire lattice base and locking brace to guarantee your safety.


  • Comprehensive support and contouring comfort- It comes with a premium 2.5 density luxurious memory foam mattress to offer comprehensive support and contouring comfort. The mattress has a stylish and velvety-soft cover which is washable and removable. However, the cover design can vary slightly in terms of design.


  • Roomy and compact– The bed dimensions –(L 75″ x W 38″ x H17″) and when folded becomes more compact to just 14-inches thick, which makes it easy to carry around while travelling and also saves space when storing it.


  • Easy to use –The milliard diplomatic bed has been uniquely manufactured with a clamshell folding pattern with an adjustable trident buckle, to ensure compatibility with different mattresses or toppers.


  • Quick and easy assembling –Milliard diplomatic bed has been made to ensure smooth and quick assembling, and it comes with all the assembling tools. It also comes with an easy to follow user manual.

What we liked (pros)

There is a lot that we liked about this folding bed. We are sure that you’ll also like the following features if you purchase it;

Size and weight –The portable bed, has generous dimensions which provide enough space for sleep. On the other hand, the bed is made of durable and lightweight materials to make it easy for you to carry around.

The pivoting wheels – After folding the bed, the pivoting wheels make it easy for you to push the bed around, making it one of the most comfortable travel bed.  Moving the bed while in the house is also a breeze thanks to the pivoting wheels.

Easy assembling and use –The milliard diplomat folding bed comes with an easy to read user-manual that will guide you on how to assemble it. Folding and unfolding are also straightforward.

What we didn’t like (cons)

According to customer reviews, some customers have raised some concerns about the weight the bed can hold. Therefore, it’s best for one heavy person who’s around 300lbs. Also, when you fold it, sometimes the bed doesn’t hold together, and it keeps unfolding itself.

What’s the bottom line? 

The Milliard diplomatic folding bed for sure is an excellent portable bed adult, and it has incredible features at a reasonable price. It comes with a premium 2.5 density luxurious memory foam mattress and the materials used to make it provide quality support and exceptional comfort. Very few portable beds can match what Milliard diplomat offers to users.


3. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot with 2 Organizers, Large.

The disc-o-bed bed bunk is the most comfortable portable bed for plus-size guys that you can buy for two guests to sleep in or for your camping needs.

The bed is excellent for both kids and adults since the material used is child-friendly. It comprises of a metallic frame that can be folded up once you’re done using the bed. The total weight of the bed is around 74 pounds, which is great for a bunk bed that can support the weight of two people.

A single cot can effortlessly support as much as a whopping 500 pounds thanks to the robust powder-coated steel.

The bed is mattress free but has a removable material that is supported by the frames. The material can be easily removed for cleaning, making the hygienic status of the bed 100% perfect throughout its lifetime.

The innovative bed comes with two organizers to give both the lower and upper users a place to store personal items such as phones and medication. The space between the two partitions is also perfect for anyone with standard height to sleep in (for ordinary I mean anything not recorded in the Guinness book of records). Yes, you heard it right!


4. Simmons Beauty Sleep Foldaway Guest Bed (Twin).

What a simple bed for a simple occasion!

The Simmons beauty sleep portable guest bed has a simple classic design that saves up lots of space and is convenient for tents and guest rooms.

The sturdy bed can be conveniently folded by half and made flat by pushing back the stands attached. This way, you can keep dust from covering the mattress and sheets while you also save more space for other purposes. That’s what makes fold up beds suitable for use in small homes.

We loved this bed because it comes with a 3-inch foam mattress and comfort foam support. Since the bed will not be used every time, the mattress should last for a long time.

We also noticed that the cover of the mattress is removable and washable. You can wash the mattress easily with any detergent available without shrinking its size.

The bed can comfortably support as much as 300 pounds. This makes it a perfect fold up bed for plus-size guys.

Even though the 300-pound weight limit is lower than what the disc-o-bed bunk bed offers, the portability of this bed makes it much more favorable. The fold-up bed weighs as little as 29 pounds, which is much lower than a majority of the folding beds for heavy people available.

5. Coleman Twin Airbed Cot with Side Table and 4D Battery Pump.

The Coleman airbed can be the savior of the day when you need an extra bed for guests or to carry as you go camping for the weekend.

Unlike the foam mattress foldable beds, the middle part of the air mattress doesn’t wear out after you fold it. What’s more? The mattress can be folded separately into a smaller size that can be stored elsewhere without consuming much space.

The folding process doesn’t create creases on the surface that may cause tearing. The bed will, therefore, remain comfortable and in good shape for years to come.

The package comes with a free 4D battery pump. This pump is super light to enhance portability. The pump makes the work of inflating and deflating the air mattress such a snap since you don’t need to create openings to facilitate the process.

The durability of this bed isn’t in question. To assure you of its durability, the manufacturer stands behind the folding bed with a whopping 12 months product warranty.

The bed weighs 69 pounds when complete. This may sound too much for you, but don’t worry. You can easily detach the inflatable camping mattress when you’re on the go if it feels like too much of a piece of baggage to you.

If you are as tall as 6’2” or even more, you can perfectly fit in this bed without any hassle. That’s why we crowned this bed as one of the most comfortable portable bed for tall guys. This is one of an enormous travel bed for plus size people. After many hours of research, we found out that it is pretty hard to find anything larger than this with matching quality.

We also noticed that this is also one of the most comfortable portable beds for visitors with kids to sleep in thanks to its allergen-free material.

The Best Portable Bed Buying Guide

What Is A Portable Bed?

A portable bed is a type of bed that you can disassemble totally into a pack that you can carry comfortably from place to place.

Of course, there are other types of things that your guests can sleep on at home, but the convenience that the portable beds come with is more than what you can get from the other types of beds.

A fold up bed, for example, is elevated and hence can keep you at a reasonable level that is not exposed to moisture, unlike the standard beds.

The size of the beds can be shrunk to a size that is highly portable. Even with the metal frames, the beds are not going to give you many problems when handling.

Types Of Portable Beds:

So far these are the best portable beds that you can get off the market;

1. Inflatable Baby Cribs:

If the standard portable baby cribs are not as compact as you wish them to be, then these should be able to serve you well.

The inflatable baby cribs are much more compact than any other type of portable crib around. They can be shrunk into a tiny size by removing all the air inside.

Their main advantage is that they do not have any metallic or wooden frame that should support them.

Since they are meant for the kids, their original size is quite small. Even without folding, they can be carried around easily.

2. Air Mattress Bed:

This is a portable bed for adults that comprises of a light metallic frame and an air mattress. The bed can be disassembled back into a small pack because of the flexible metallic frame that is the main component.

The bed usually raises the air mattress a few inches above the ground; high enough for you to be free of the cold ground. You can learn more about the most comfortable air mattress here.

3. Double Air Mattress Bed:

You may wonder why they place two air mattresses instead of one. Well, the bottom mattress acts like the leveler of the bed while the upper one is for comfort.

The double air mattress beds are the best portable beds for adults who are planning to camp in a cold region. They do not conduct any heat away from below; hence, a beautiful warm blanket should be all you need.

4. Roll Away Bed:

This is a type of bed that is commonly used by people who are not planning to camp in one site for long. Fold up beds are easy to fold and hence are best for long-distance migration.

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Most Comfortable Portable Bed Buying Tips.

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you are buying a portable bed:


The type of mattress that you go for should be convenient for the occasion that you are planning for. If you are going to camp in a wet area.

The best portable mattress for you to go for should have a frame that levels it over the ground so that you will not have to deal with the mud if it washes through your tent.

2. Material:

The material that the bed’s mattress is made of should be waterproof if it is for places that are in humid or watery conditions. Some mattresses soak up much humidity that they become wet before you wake. The bed that soaks water will make your night seem like it is in the mirror world of hell.

Since air mattresses are made to be impermeable, you need to choose one that has double layers. The upper layer can be any soft material that can either be semipermeable or totally impermeable.


A camping bed may not have the best portable mattress at times. Camping gear is made with some tweaks so that it can be able to keep you alive in the outdoors.

The best portable guest bed should only focus on comfort and portability. It does not matter which material it is made of, but rather the comfort it offers.

4.Folding Capacity:

Both the best portable beds for guests and camping need to have the highest folding capacity to save up space and energy.

Since you will not be expecting guests every day, the bed can be folded into a compact size that can be placed in a corner.

Even in camping, a neatly folded compact bed can be easy for you to carry together with your other gear.

5.Extra Gear:

If the portable fold up bed requires some additional tools to set it up, then they should be readily available and portable too. A standard tool used is the air pump.

A foldable bed with an air mattress that uses modest and portable air pumps should be the first option for you to go for.

The air pumps plus other tools that you need to carry for the bed should not add any more weight to your gear since if it does, the portability of the bed that you bought is lowered.


 Question: Where to Buy Portable Beds?

Answer: The ideal place to buy portable beds is in online shops. Although there are several of them, Amazon stands to be the pick of the bunch. The store has a wide range of selections. It allows you to compare prices between retailers and read through the user reviews.

What’s important, you get suggestions for additional equipment and accessories such as bed frames, linen, carry bags, and others.

You can still rummage around for portable beds at your nearest Home Depot, Wayfair, or Walmart. However, you’ll possibly find a few models that may not be perfect for your needs.

Question: How to Add Built-in, or Portable Beds, to a Small Condo?

Answer: So, you are hosting an overnight guest in your small apartment? Don’t fret about the limited space or the need for a visitant bedroom. Here are a few tips to consider when adding a portable bed to your small condo.

  • Clear up space by decluttering the house
  • Set up your portable bed near a light switch but away from streaming light or street lamps.
  • Add some cozy blankets, sheets, and comfy pillows
  • Use a folding screen to make a temporary room divider for privacy

Question: How to Make Portable Raised Flower Beds?

Answer: Unless you’re ready to fork out up to $100 on a raised garden bed, you should be a one-time DIYer of your own.

You need pressure-treated lumber or cedar, all of which are resistant to rotting. Have the carpenter do the cutting of 4-feet long 2×8-inch boards and 4×4 posts. These dimensions are enough to make a 4×4 portable flower bed. Make sure to tag along with a tape measure, metal braces, and nails.

  • Lay the first two posts on level ground
  • Take one of the boards and position it on top of the two posts
  • Pick the second board and place it below the first one
  • If the two boards are square with the posts, drill the holes and screw them together
  • Repeat the above procedure until you have four pre-assembled walls
  • Dig four holes (preferably 2-feet deep) and sink the posts inside them for stability
  • Make sure to leave some gap to prevent the boards from touching the ground
  • Ensure that adjacent pre-assembled walls at right angles with each other
  • Use additional lumber as temporary supports for bracing the posts so that they don’t topple over
  • Use landscape fabric to line the bottom and the interior of the raised flower bed
  • To ward off garden pests, cover the bottom with a mesh
  • Cap off the top of the flower bed to give it a finished look

Question: What are The Best Portable Beds?

Answer: There are three kinds of portable beds. You can opt for a foldable mattress, an inflatable bed, or a rollaway.

Judging what’s best for you is dependent on your needs. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need a lightweight and highly foldable product. Besides, it should be durable and weather resistant. An air bed identifies with all these features.

If you want a temporary couch for your overnight guests or to incorporate in your hotel guest room, a rollaway bed is precisely right. However, a foldable mattress stashed with memory foam offer the ultimate body support.

Question: What is the Most Comfortable Portable Bed to Travel With?

Answer: If you plan to overstay in your camping tour, an inflatable but comfy portable bed should come in hand. You certainly don’t want to interfere with the quality of your sleep by lying on a sleeping bag all week long. Besides, you need a raised platform that can ward off poisonous insects and crawling creatures.

Inflatable beds are not necessarily hard and uncomfortable. If you find one with air coils, the mattress will certainly support your back. Almost all the portable beds have wheels. However, ensure that they are lockable such that your couch doesn’t move even when experiencing sleepless nights.

For a worthwhile camping experience, make sure that the material is hypoallergenic. Remember to tag along with something light, highly foldable, and that which has a travel bag.

Foam mattresses could have been an option, but they are intolerant to water.

Question: What is the Most Comfortable Portable Bed?

Answer: Portable beds only serve you for a while. However, this aspect does not mean that you should sacrifice comfort with the price tag.

For portability, inflatable beds take the lead. Foldable mattresses are excellent but only if you are ready to cough up extra dollars for memory foam.

If you suffer from back pains, you’ll have to shell out more on an inflatable bed with air coils. This option is exactly right where space is limited. The advantage of these couches is that they are weightless and resistance to water.

 Question: What Should You Consider When Choosing a Portable Bed?

Answer: I should probably ask you why you need a portable bed in the first place. Of course, the product is designed for temporary use. You might be a camping enthusiast, or you need a makeshift bed that can fit in your studio unit.

The first thing to note when shopping for a mattress is the comfort and body support it offers. In our case, portable cots are not as comfortable as regular beds. However, this doesn’t mean that you should settle on something too hard for your back and joints.

For foldable mattresses, ensure they are well-cushioned with memory foam. You should avoid latex products as they don’t offer body support. If it’s an inflatable bed, at least make sure, it has built-in air coils.

The size of the cot is also essential. Confirm that it can accommodate your height and even give some room for turning or tossing while asleep. It is hard to establish the durability of an item unless you use it. However, you can check with the warranty period while finding out more from the user reviews.

Ease of storage is of fundamental value. After all, a large percentage of people only buy portable beds to save up space. If you have a small apartment, ensure that what you buy can comfortably fit under the bead, in a closet, or an out-of-the-way place.

Question: How to Inflate a Portable Bed?


  • Lay the inflatable bed flat on the floor but away from obstructions and sharp objects
  • Ensure the Quick Release Valve is locked
  • Take out the AC plugin cable and connect it into a standardized electric outlet
  • Turn the dial on for hands-free inflation until you achieve your desired firmness

Most electric pumps would take a maximum of five minutes to inflate fully. If the pump runs continuously, damage and overheating will likely ensue.

Mechanical ones would take up to 20 minutes. You will first have to open the valve before securely inserting the air pump in it. Once inflation is reached, detach the pump and cover the lid to prevent leakages.

Question: How to Fold up a Portable Bed?


  • Deflate your bed by opening the Quick Release Valve.
  • Alternatively, close the Quick Release, plug in the pump to a power outlet, and turn on the dial for deflation.
  • Fold the sides of the bed along its length towards the center
  • Roll the cot and store it in its carry bag

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