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Here Are The Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers

So, you’re thinking about owning the loudest Bluetooth speakers there is? Huh!

Not all loud is loud!

Aha… you are party enthusiasts like me. So you know our rule of thumb, ‘It’s never loud until you can no longer hear people screaming.’

So, to rock it up in the party, the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers are crucial ingredients you can’t afford to mess with.

This post unlocks the loudest Bluetooth speakers that will help you tune it to the apex.

Why do you need the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers?

You need loudest portable speakers for three major reasons;

  • To thrill up the party with their thumping bass, quality sound and high volume output,
  • To take them anywhere and wherever you feel like partying,
  • To allow you to toggle between songs while at a distance from the speaker system,
  • …and other wonderful reasons…

Types Of Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers.

There are many types of loud Bluetooth speakers, which are known for their high performance. Moreover, the ones below are commonly the best.

1.Portable Bluetooth Speakers: these are not as portable as the ultras but can still be stowed in a backpack easily for easy carrying.

2.Ultra-portable Bluetooth Speakers: these are small but loud, so you can take your need for loud music wherever you go.

3.Large portable Bluetooth Speakers: Also known as the big boys in the mobile wireless industry. They are designed with larger and louder drivers and deeper bass radiators. The whole of these speakers have a more rounded sound

Buying Guide For The Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers.

Believe me or not, picking the loudest Bluetooth speaker in a sea of hundreds or even thousands released in the market every year is not that simple.

But luckily, there’s one that suits you, and it’s a matter of finding one that meets your needs. Consider the following criteria to narrow down your search to the very best for you.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity Range:

 Best outdoor Bluetooth speakers have a wide range of coverage so you can control the tunes even at a distance away.

  • Battery Life:

Because you want to enjoy hours of continuous loud music, make sure the battery is powerful enough to entertain you for more than half a day before requiring a recharge.

Best Bluetooth speakers can also charge your mobile and other devices quickly.

  • Sound Quality Or Efficiency:

You want the loudest Bluetooth speaker in the market, but do you know what the loudest Bluetooth speaker is in the first place.

 This is a speaker that can produce a thumping bass and a loud and clear sound without distortions. Check this feature carefully and test the quality at maximum volume because that’s where distortions come in.

  • Weatherproof:

You want to take your music where the fun is, whether outdoors and indoors, so it is crucial you make sure that the speakers will survive rain, snow, or splashes in the pools and at the beach. For a full fun experience, no matter the weather.

  • Durability:

You don’t want to spend all your hard-earned cash on a speaker that will go wrong on the launch day. Since these speakers treble much, make sure it can survive up to 1-meter drops and still blast like new ones.

Other criteria include;

  • Price
  • Portability

And now here comes our top selection of the loudest Bluetooth speakers

1. Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System- Black.

The SoundTouch 30 Series III is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers for home audio and can fill a large living room very well.

Features To Consider:

  • It’s touch-sensitive, and this will allow you to access all your music services, online radio stations, and music library playlist with a single tap of the button.
  • It’s powerful and commanding so that you can have the loudest and crystal clear sound despite its size. Thanks to its exclusive built-in waveguide.
  • Features an intuitive interface with six presets that allow you to play your favorite tunes instantly without the need for your phone or tablet.
  • Its wireless connection works with your home Wi-Fi network and other Bluetooth devices to make the wireless music easy for you.
  • It comes with a free SoundTouch app which helps you to stream wirelessly into millions of songs from various services like Spotify and Pandora, and your music library. It, therefore, converts your phone to a powerful remote, thus expanding your musical library.
  • It offers multi-room music since each SoundTouch is part of the whole wireless family. These parts work together, and this allows you to play the same or different songs in every room.
  • It comes with built-in Bluetooth as a bonus so you can stream music from any Bluetooth device. This expands your music options from sources like YouTube, which are not integrated into your SoundTouch app.
  • Drawback: Although it has a clear and enjoyable sound, you will notice it has some weaknesses in the mid-range tones.

2. VAVA Vroom 21 Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers.

VAVA Vroom speakers let you roll your good times by bringing the enjoyment of live music into your home.

Features To Consider:

  • Because of our mood swings, this speaker comes with three EQ modes, namely standard, party, and surround, to suit any mood. You can enjoy a customized listening experience, depending on your mood.
  • A long battery life that makes sure you have sufficient time of continuous playback before recharging it. You can blast your playlist from dawn to dusk with these loud Bluetooth speakers.
  • Enjoy a never-ending party because it can quickly charge your Smartphone and other personal devices, so you don’t have to leave the party to go and have them charged. It helps you to keep the fun going.
  • It comes with powerful 5W drivers, two passive radiators, and a 10 W subwoofer that deliver the loudest sound possible to match your moods.
  • A timeless oval design will last for a lifetime giving you years of excellent music. This oval shape ensures that the speakers produce a 360-degree sound, so you don’t have to position it in a specific direction to enjoy the tunes.
  • The warranty point will shock you just like me, finding a speaker with a lifetime warranty on this earth is rare. Nevertheless, Volvo has gone into records with a timeless warranty. Therefore, you will never go wrong with it as far as loud music is the subject.
  • Drawback: It’s only high inside your home, so you may not be satisfied with its performance outside the house.

3. G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Rugged Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery (Black)

Another amazing and one of the best-rugged Bluetooth speakers with top-notch sound performance.

Features To Consider:

  • A powerful sound (with a bass that carries), the powerful 2.2 speaker configuration, and the dual rear-firing bass ports pump out a big sound that is unbeatably loud that your neighbors will have to hear whether they like it or not.
  • Excellent audio performance you would expect with the loudest speakers. The speakers sound clean and vivid, and its highs, mids, and lows give you a well-balanced blend of music. You can play any music with crystal clarity.
  • Wireless streaming, so you only need to pair the speakers with a wireless one-button to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.
  • The sheer power delivered by its rechargeable 6-hour lithium-ion battery. This allows you to party all day long without power interruption.
  • Incredibly rugged housing and a protective rubber base so you can take it on any adventure, and it still survives drops and dents.
  • Come with an integrated handle to enhance portability so you can bring your music anywhere, and everywhere you go. This makes it one of the best portable outdoor speakers out there on the market.
  • It sells at a friendly price, so if you’re on the budget, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with a thumping bass to have your room filled with real sound.
  • Drawback: To be frank, the G-Boom can play louder at maximum volume, but the only issue that you may be annoyed with is the distortion that you will hear when you blast it its maximum capacity.

4. Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker.

Are you looking for a booming bass? The large Bluetooth speakers of Anker allows you to listen to the soaring highs and deep lows of your favorite songs.

Features To Consider:

  • The best price, the shipping price on as I write this review, is precisely 50% slash. If you order yours today, you can enjoy a whopping 50 discount. Of course, it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100, but keep checking you never know price is affected by changes in demand.
  • Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker will give you 8 hours of non-stop music supported by its powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion battery. So roughly, you can play up to 160 songs on a single charge at mid-level volume.
  • An instant connection to your phone and other Bluetooth enabled devices within the 33 feet range. So you can pause and skip songs while enjoying the cool breeze under shade as long as you’re within the 33 feet radius.
  • A huge stereo sound, so no matter what you’re doing, be it partying, working out, or relaxing indoors, you got to enjoy a full range stereo sound.
  • A premium carrying case with a 1-meter drop resistance that provides maximum protection to your speakers against knocks and dings. So you take it everywhere you go confident it will survive minor falls.
  • Drawback: These speakers sound fantastic, but let me tell you the battery is horrible. After two months, the battery will run out of power even when plugged in, so you better be prepared to buy another battery.

5.Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker.

It’s big as its name suggests and delivers an excellent sound all around, filling your room well no matter where you place it. Big Blue is best for partygoers who want to melt with every beat of the music.

Features To Consider:

  • It is all-weather, and this is one of its bestselling points. Whether in the rain, snow, or splash, this should not bother you because it is one of the loudest waterproof Bluetooth speakers. So you can easily party inside and outside, you’ll take your music where the fun is.
  • A 360-degree full-range stereo sound that projects in all directions, so when partying, you will hear the precious sounds delivered by the four built-in speakers no matter the corner you’re sited. You’ll get the party started in high tones and keep it moving with the same thrill until you’re done.
  • Excellent performance produced by its four specially angled speaker drivers, subwoofer, and passive radiator. So a complete thundering bass will surround you. Let me tell you; this speaker is loud as hell!
  • It comes with an easy to carry handle for portability, so you can take it wherever you want to party. The whole of this Bluetooth speaker is ideal both for indoor and outdoor partying. It’s also suitable for those who want big Bluetooth speakers.
  • Drawback: The manufacturer missed a good point on the wireless connectivity range. If you move your device too much, it loses Bluetooth connection, and the music stops.
  • If you’re like me, the kind that goes wild when drowned into music, then you may want to consider something like the Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, which has a good coverage range.


Everything with a definite beginning has a particular end, and so we’ve have come to the last mile of this post.

But before we wrap it all, we hope you are now more informed when going out for the loudest Bluetooth speakers. But… we would appreciate it if you come back and tell us what you tangled for. Enjoy the VIBE!!