Best Travel Crib For Toddler Reviews In 2020

Here Are The Best Travel Crib For Toddler Reviews In 2020

Have you ever gone for a vacation somewhere and you didn’t have anything that your baby can sleep in for the night? Well, buying the best travel crib for toddler use will save you the agony. Some travel cribs also double up as best Playard for babies where you can leave your baby to play and relax safely.

You should not travel and use alienated cribs for babies. They may have dirt or bacteria that your child may pick up and form skin disorders.

What Is A Toddler Travel Crib?

A travel crib is a portable fenced bed for babies to sleep in that you can disassemble when you are travelling and reassemble when you get to your destination.

It may be of great benefit to you if you purchase a toddler travel crib instead of the common baby cots because you can still use the crib at home too.

The travel cribs even though light, may possess excellent stability which is crucial in the baby cribs.

Different Types Of Travel Cots For Toddlers.

The cots being sold in the market can be classified into two: side entrance cots and classic-style cots

I. Side Entrance Cots.

The side entrance cots are great for any parent to use. The parent can place the baby from the sides of the travel crib for the toddler. The structure of the side entrance cots resembles a tent with comfy under a layer of the mattress.

The side cots are mostly preferred by parents who are not comfortable when they take the baby from the upper part of the beds.

II. Classic-Style Travel Crib.

The classic style travel crib is made to look the same way as the ordinary cribs do. They have an upper opening where you place your child from.

Many parents like this type of set up since it is less complicated and you do not have to deal with stuck zippers.

They are perfect for tall parents too; you do not have to kneel to access the opening when you are using the toddler travel cot.

Buying Guide For The Best Travel Crib For Toddler.

Are you wondering how you can get the perfect toddler portable crib for your child? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are buying one;

  • Hypoallergenic Quality.

This is an essential quality that the crib should possess. The nature of the material used to construct the crib should be hypoallergenic so that the baby will not sleep in a death trap.

Hypoallergenic material is a type of material that does not have a trace of any of the allergens.

You might, of course, want to choose one that you are sure does not affect the child even with the allergens present, but you can never be too sure. Allergic reactions manifest themselves in many ways.

Unless you have been told that the child is safe from that particular allergen, you need to stick with the hypoallergenic ones.

  • Optimal Height.

The best travel crib for toddler use should not inconvenience you. You may find one that is super comfortable for the baby but gives you a hard time to access the baby once inside.

The travel cribs have different heights, but there is that one travel cot for baby comfort that is perfect for both you and the baby.

You can choose the one that will not make your back feel a hundred years old because of too much straining.

  • Translucent Walls.

Choose a portable toddler crib that allows the child to have a good view of the surrounding. A claustrophobic child will feel like the crib is the worst place that he/ she can ever be in and hence will never want to sleep in there.

The travel crib should give a good view of the area but also be tough enough to keep the baby in.

The whole thing does not need to be translucent, but it will not hurt to get one that will give the baby a chance to see something or someone outside to familiarise with.

  • Age Specification.

As much as you may think buying the crib that has the highest age limit is the best option, you need to find one that has an age range that starts from your child’s age.

The best travel crib for toddler use is the one that has the most excellent age range and not the highest age limit since you can even get a bed anyways.

  • Height Of Safety Measures.

You should choose a toddler crib for travel that has the highest safety standards. A crib that has met or exceeded the standards set by the standardisation bureaus like the ASTM is the best option for you.

A crib with all these qualities exists. Here are the portable cribs for toddlers that have the conditions and hence you should consider checking out first;

3 Best Portable Toddler Bed To Consider.

1. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard.

If you want an awesome Playard for baby confinement, then, this lotus travel crib should be the first item that pops up in your head.

The lotus travel crib is spacious enough for your baby to play in comfortably after waking up. You can toss in a couple of toys after a good meal so that the baby can go right to sleep as the activity and digestion raise the fatigue level to be unbearable.

Setting up the crib is not something that can take you more than 20 seconds to complete. The lotus travel crib is easy to set up; within fifteen seconds; your child should be able to sleep in comfortably.

The walls of the playard are made of transparent view mesh which allows air to pass through but not your child. The child can easily see through the mesh, hence will not feel like he/ she is alone in a small room.

The whole thing is flame-retardant free but is still the best portable baby crib that will not cause a fire hazard.

The lotus travel crib is also free from phthalates and lead, making it the best portable cot that you can use and maintain a healthy state for your child.

The total weight of the travel crib is 13 pounds, making it highly portable and perfect for long-distance trips.

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2. Graco Pack ‘N Play with Newborn Napper Elite, Vance.

The Graco Pack and play crib is the perfect option to go for when you want bot value and style.

The napper station saves you the trouble of trying to place the child down to the lower mattress without waking him/ her up.

It has been quite a challenge placing the baby down without disturbing the sleep, and that is why the napper station has been placed on the top part.

The material used on the crib is soft, velour fabric which will feel soft on your child’s skin and hence will not cause rashes.

The Graco Pack and play crib is the best travel crib for baby to get for babies with sensitive skin. Your child will not feel like the fabric is itchy and will enjoy a good night’s sleep without the irritation.

The travel crib also has a storage compartment that you can use to store the baby’s items that you may need at any point in which the baby is still in the crib.

The lower part provides confinement that your child can play in or take a nap without getting in contact with the germs that are present outside.

A canopy is also included in this Graco pack and play package. The canopy keeps the child from direct light which may have an irritating intensity.

You also get a changing table which is larger than the one in the previous model. The changing table will allow you to change the baby’s diapers without moving to a different spot.

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3. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light, Silver.

The BABYBJORN travel crib is one of the lightest travel cots for toddlers that you can get for your convenience. It is made from one hundred percent polyester, which is imported.

The imported polyester is soft on your hands and will also feel the same way on your baby’s skin. The baby crib will not cause irritations on your child’s skin after taking a nap in it.

The sides of the crib have airy, soft mesh in their construction. The mesh allows the child to see more than what is just in the crib, giving a clear view of the whole room to the baby.

It is quite easy to fold or set up the BABYBJORN travel crib. You need just a few seconds before your child can finally sleep in the crib.

You will also love the small weight that the baby crib has. It weighs around 1 pound, which makes it highly portable.

The fabric can be removed and washed when the crib is too dirty for optimal hygienic conditions to be maintained.

A soft mattress is also included in the package. The mattress is highly elastic and comfortable; hence, your child should feel all great sleeping in it.

Though it is not as big as the other play yards for toddlers, the BABYJORN travel crib can be used as a play area for the baby.


Now that finding the best travel crib for a toddler is not part of your worries. Now go ahead and order one before the trip you are planning is finally happening. Both you and the baby will enjoy the benefits of these portable cribs. You will no longer have to worry anymore about the child falling off the stairs.

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