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I guess that you’re looking for the best tents for the money, Right?

You will agree with me when I say…it takes a good preparation to have a spectacular camping experience…

When it comes to adventures, we all want to create memories so, make sure you pack the right arsenal for camping…

A tent is not just a tent, having the best tents for the money is all that matters.

To help you improve your camping package, and add to the thrill, we have reviewed the best tents for family camping and best beach tent on the market for you.

A detailed guide and other tips will do you right…

What’s A Tent?

A tent is a portable and temporal shelter made of fabrics that provide a small home away from home. It’s often used for camping, and one can have a baby tent for beach to keep the kiddos safe from the summer sun…

Why Do You Need The Best Outdoor Tents?

If you fancy exploring the world, then having the best outdoor tents is one of the most important investments you would like to make.

But why not just sleep out on the ground? Huh!

You need protection from harsh elements like rain, storm, wind and UV rays. In addition, you need something to offer a comfortable night’s sleep after a day out.

Different Types Of Top Rated Tents.

The market has so many types of top rated camping tents to offer but let us narrow down to the top rated types.

I. Convertible Tents: These types are designed for campers who like to experiment in all types of weather.

They are incredibly versatile but a little heavier. These types are the best tents for family camping.

II. Mountaineering Tents: These type is designed for the harshest weather conditions. They are also known as a winter tent. They make one of the best backpacking tents for the money.

III. Tarp Tents: These are the lightest tents on the market. However, they have no walls no floors with this type of tents and therefore not recommended for families.  Nevertheless, they remain among the best backpack tents.

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Buying Guide For The Best Tents For The Money.

Taking your time to shop around can make a difference in the world and getting the best family cabin tents from the market may not be as simple as many might think.

Of course, not all tents are made equal, so a tent that works for me may not work for you.

So, understanding your preferences is the best thing and this guide will help you to determine which tent best suits your needs.

  • Use/Purpose- How Do You Intend To Use Your Tent?

Before you pick that tent, carefully consider why you need the tent.

Remember different types of tents are made for different uses, there are those designed for kids who fancy playing in the back yard, some designed for privacy in a crowded campsite and many others.

Knowing the purpose and where to use it will really help you narrow down your search.

  • What Is The Tent’s Capacity?

Of course, you don’t want to be embarrassed being left in the rain at the campsite after the tent is stuck full.

Check out the maximum capacity of the tent to see whether you’ll comfortably fit with your campers.

Most top rated camping tents have a capacity of one extra person.

  • How Is The Tent Constructed?

 Start with the floor; check whether the seam run around the floor of your tent to ensure water does not seep through them.

Next consider the frames making the tent, make sure they are sturdy to stand the wind out there. Aluminum or other metallic frames make good family tents.

  • What Material is the Tent Made Of?

Most tents are made of nylon or polyester. Polyester is good in shedding water, but nylon tents are stronger, lightweight but expensive.

The best material should be, light, able to protect you from UV rays and water resistant. Although they’re a bit expensive, silicone coated nylon has the highest quality.

  • What’s Your Budget?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get yourself a good tent. You can still find a cheaper tent with everything you could expect from a tent.

However, if you’ve got a sense to spend more, you can go for that tent that will give you many years of use.

  • The Tent Set up:

 Nobody wants to struggle setting up or taking down the tent. So find one that setups and takes down in seconds. A freestanding one is a great baby tent for beach.

Other considerations include;

  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Doors and Vestibules

4 Best Tent For The Money To Buy

1. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent- Best Large Tents

It’s large enough for family camping, its large space offer spacious comfort, and wide open panoramas, so your whole family (8-people) can stretch out and relax.

You can easily divide it into three separate rooms, say a changing room, bedroom, and a resting room.

As a bonus, its large size reduces the claustrophobia associated with many other tents, and this makes it one of the best tents for the money.

  • Simple and straight forward set up, even if it’s recommended to have at least two hands during set up to ensure it’s done correctly and enjoyably, you may not need an extra hand with this tent.
  • A manual is included in the storage bag. Surprisingly you won’t require the guide after setting it up once or twice.
  • With an exclusive weathertec system, you’re guaranteed a comfortable and dry night’s sleep no matter the weather. No wonder we can’t doubt it having a place in the best camping tents.
  • Its frame is designed in a way that makes it more wind responsive and to increase its overall performance.
  • Transporting this tent is a breeze, as it comes with a storage bag to put all the contents together.
  • To be honest, this Coleman 8 is one of the best family camping tents as it really delivers its promises.

You’ll feel like you have a little home away from your home with this tent, with guaranteed protection against elements.

2. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent – Baby Tent For Beach.

This EasyUP hub system is designed to have the fastest and easiest set of all good family tents in the market.

It just pops up as fast as you can open a beer!

And like setting it up, taking it down is equally easy and fast. For those who believe in the power of manual, this tent comes with a step by step guide, to ease the struggle.

  • If you are looking for the best beach tent, you might want to consider this EasyUp as it is designed to be lightweight, just 4.5 pounds which is a great bonus when it comes to carrying your tent.
  • On top of this, this EasyUp hub system can fold down to a travel size, making it easy to pack in your car. Also, have a carrying case to put all the contents together.
  • It’s compact with a sturdy construction to provide protection against harsh elements in your outdoor activities.
  • Its durable fiberglass frame and water-resistant PE floor make this EasyUp tent one of the best for outdoor activities.
  • It’s a great replacement for bringing an umbrella to the beach. Above all, it’s one of the best backpacking tent for the money.
  • It’s large enough to accommodate you and your family during camping.
  • Also, come with internal pockets to store your personal items.
  • The large windows and breathable polyester from which it is made of makes it breathable.
  • When considering the best tents for the money, this is one of them.
  • And if you love warranties, this tent comes with a consumer friendly 1-year limited warranty, so quality is guaranteed.

3. Mountain Smith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green)

Effortlessly set up and take down like most of the best tents for the money, this two person three season Morrison tent is free standing and its two pole design and color coded fly attachment system means just a few minutes to have it up.

To ace the set up even faster, it has crystal clear instructions printed on the tent sack.

It boasts of more than 35 square feet of space, which is ideal for two adults to relax in comfort.

  • Its large mesh wall panels provide plenty of light and good ventilation.
  • Interestingly, the Morrison features a bathtub floor with taped seals for a completely dry interior.
  • The best tent for camping will keep you dry in the rains, wind, and snow and this is exactly what the Morrison will do.
  • The Morrison is highly convenient with two doors and two vestibules for easy access.
  • Its interior mesh pockets provide a safe place to store your stuff. The gear loft is also removable.
  • Its durable and the included guylines make it stable even in high winds.
  • It’s specially designed, lightweight, easy to set up and take down and with all the functionalities anyone can expect.
  • With all these features, the whole of this tent retails a friendly price.
  • To be frank, it’s one of the best family tent for the money you can find in the market.

4. Sundome 4 Person Tent (Green And Navy Color Options)

The Sundome 4 is spacious enough to offer comfy night’s sleep for four campers; this makes it the best family tent.

For convenience, this tent has a large door to allow easy entry and exit.

This tent is high enough so you can comfortably sit inside with a couple of chairs.

  • It provides top-notch protection from external elements, thanks to its hooded fly and the large rear window that provide ventilation even in rains.
  • Additionally, the mesh vents on its roof provide additional ventilation.
  • Its 1000D polyethylene floor with welded seams offer extreme weather protection and function as a guard against a leaky floor.
  • It’s polyester coated fabrics and the heavy duty polyethylene bathtub floor offer added durability.
  • The Sundome 4 has a freestanding design like most of the best tents for the money and therefore easy to set up and take down.
  • Within a few seconds, your tent is ready for use. Its two large mesh pockets are handy for storage.
  • While camping with electricity, this tent has an opening through which you can run an extension cable.
  • Also, a hook is provided at the top of the center of the inner roof so you can hang your electric powered lantern.
  • The Sundome 4 comes with a carrying case as a bonus.
  •  It also folds up to a small size say about two rolls of toilet towels stacked on each other, and this makes it even easier to transport.
  • It’s well ventilated, and the upper walls are screened so you can see the sky.
  • In overall, it is well made for the price, and this makes it one of the best inexpensive tent in the market.


Owning the best camping tent is the funniest way to get out and enjoy the adventures.

But for a successful camping, comfort is king! Therefore, you must grapple to give you and your family a comfortable night’s sleep.

Stop puzzling because your solution lies in the best tents for the money. One of the top rated tents reviewed above may be a great option for you.

Alternatively, you can consider our guide above, and you’ll be better able to settle down for the best tent for backpacking.






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