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As much as learning the vowels is important for your child, he/ she needs a good recess period in the field to burn up some calories and grow up strong. Whether you are running a kindergarten (preparatory school) or you just have great space in your back yard, you need the best swing set for the money for your child/ children.

What Is A Swing Set?

A swing set is a set of children’s gym equipment

that they can use during the recess period. The swing sets can comprise of a pair of swings, a see-saw and a slide among others.

Some of the best-rated swing sets contain jungle gyms that the child can use for a more advanced type of exercise when the rest of the items in the set have gotten boring.

A jungle gym is not a necessity in the contents of the swing sets and are mostly excluded in some of the packaging for they take up much of the back yard space.

Different Types Of Swing Sets For Kids.

The swing sets are classified into two; Metallic swing sets and plastic swing sets.

  • Metallic Swing Sets.

The metallic swing sets are usually advanced and have insulated parts for cold and warm seasons. They are durable and much more expensive than the plastic swing sets.

It is common to find the metallic swing sets in parks and amusement grounds because of their superior nature.

The common metal used in the construction of the metallic swing sets is stainless steel, which has been used in almost all the best outdoor swing sets.

  • Plastic Swing Sets:

Plastic swing sets are the best backyard swing sets for a mobile home or a small yard. They are highly portable and are ideal for small children with low weights.

There are some plastic sets that have proven to be very durable and are ideal for the rainy seasons. They are reinforced with metal pillars so that their strength will be high enough to be used for a long time.

They are also perfect for the rainy and cold seasons since their temperature doesn’t retain the chilly nature for long.

  • Wooden Swing Sets:

You can also get affordable wooden swing sets for your child to play with. The wooden swing sets are the cheapest ones in the market and can be the best options of you are trying to keep a low budget.

Some of the items in the set are reinforced with metallic parts to prevent the wooden parts from wearing out quickly. If you get one of the top rated wooden swing sets being sold, you may get to enjoy a lasting set that is lighter than the metallic sets.

Buying Guide For Best Swing Set for The Money.

Here are some of the things to consider in your hunt for the best swing for the money:

  • Venue:

If you are planning to use the swing set in a kindergarten, the metallic ones should be the best swing set for the money.

Metal swing sets can be able to take up much weight and hence are great for use by many children at a time. This does not mean that you cannot use the metallic ones some other place other than an institution however.

A plastic swing set is ideal for back yard purposes. The plastic can be able to hold the weight of small kids without incurring any damage.

They are also the swing sets for small yards that require them to be dismantled for the back yard to be used for some other purposes.

  • Durability:

Choose the swing set that is able to last through your child’s young years. The best swing set for the money is the one that is made from tough plastic and non-oxidizing metal elements like stainless steel.

  • Maximum Weight:

Check to see whether the users of the swing set will be able to use the swing set without damaging it because of exceeding the recommended weight load.

This can help you choose the perfect set to use. You should also add a couple more pounds to the weight of your child to be sure that the child will still be able to use the swing set after some years.

  • Contents:

You need to choose the swing set that has more than just three of the items in a set. As mentioned earlier, you need to get one with at least a pair of swings and a secondary item.

Now that you have seen the qualities that you should be focusing on to get the best swing set for the money, let’s have a look at the ones that have been able to top the hierarchy in the stores’ catalogues;

3 Best Toddler|Kids Outdoor Playsets.

1.Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set.

This swing set is ideal for a great age range. The swing set is made of metallic construction which is super strong, giving each child a chance to play with the items in the set.

Each one of the item is the set is made from a low steel alloy.  The set includes 2 belts swings and a trapeze bar with gym rings.

The edges of the items in the set are rounded and covered with plastic. This makes it the best metal swing set that has the utmost safety measures in place.

The steel alloy will not be affected by changes in weather. You therefore do not need to be removing it during the bad weather seasons.

The Lifetime heavy duty swing set does not need any type of third party support to stand. The moment you finish setting up the swig set, it will stand freely by itself without the inclusion of cement.

This lifetime heavy duty swing set is also one of the best swing sets for older kids to use. Its sturdy nature allows kids who are too old for the plastic swing sets to use it without issues.

It has a rubberized trapeze bar that allows the children to have a great grip without putting in too much effort. This ensures that all the children using the lifetime heavy duty swing set will be safe from incidents such as falls.

Though the swing set is made of strong metal, it weighs just 51 pounds. This makes it highly portable, enabling it to be used in more than one place in a month.

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2.Flexible Flyer “World of Fun” Swing Set.

The flexible flyer swing set comprises of plastic items that are reinforced with metal. It is therefore one of the best swing sets for kids to use in a small back yard.

The plastic construction of the swing set makes it highly portable. The items can be set up and take down any time necessary. You can avoid exposing the set to bad weather by doing so.

The plastic is easy to clean. You can clean the surface after taking down the set before you store the parts in your shed. The storage of the set should not give you much problems with mud at all.

The whole set weighs just 103 pounds. It should not be a hard task transporting it from place to place. You can choose to carry some parts at a time into the shed if the total weight is too much to carry at a time.

The strength of the flexible flyer set is what has won the attention of many swing set reviews. The metallic frames have been powder coat painted for strength and stability.

Children of ages between 2-10 years can use the set without issues. Each seat can take up to 105 pounds, which means that the total weight the set can handle at a time is 1050.

This Flexible flyer swing set has an easy assembly and is one of the best swing sets for toddlers that can take up to 10 children at a time.

3.Backyard Discovery Somerset All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set.

This wooden swing set is the perfect set for small back yards. The Backyard discovery Somerset swing set is compact when put together.

The set is colorful and features 2 belt swings, a trapeze swing and a slide under a canopy. A clubhouse is also included in the package.

The lower part of the backyard discovery Somerset swing set comprises of a snack stand and a built in bench. The children can retire to a tea party after an active day at the play house.

The slide is 8 feet in length. The children can enjoy the fast motion which is absolutely safe as the lower part is curved to slow down the motion.

A ladder is included to make it easier for the children to access the upper parts of the club house. If they are ready for a challenge, they can use the rock climbing wall to reach the upper part.

The inclusion of the safety mechanisms in the set has made this backyard discovery Somerset set to be one of the best rated outdoor playsets in the market.

The age range recommended by the manufacturer goes from 36 months to 10 years. A young child can get to use the swing set until the late toddler years.


Each of the product included in this article is the best swing set for the money. You can choose one that you feel is the most appropriate according to your lifestyle and the budget you have set.

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