Best Remote Control Car For Toddlers And Kids Review In Market.

With the gender specific toys like dolls in the market, you need to get one toy that all of your children can use. Finding the best remote control car for toddlers would be the greatest idea you have ever had.

RC cars for toddlers can be used by both boys and girls, hence you can have an advantage if you have both genders under your roof.

What Is A Remote Control Car For Kids?

A remote control car is a toy car that can be maneuvered remotely by a controller that uses RF signals to communicate.

The RC cars are the successors of the wired electric toy cars which were replaced immediately after the diversification of RF signals. The wired cars are still existent, but the RC toy cars are the ones holding the crown now.

Types Of Kids Remote Control Cars.

There are many types of remote control cars that you can buy for your kids. Here are the main ones being sold in the market.

I. Race Cars:

A RC race car is not best remote control car for toddlers only, but for adults who want to compete with their children for the thrill and fun. The race cars can move with great speeds and are usually sold with fenced tracks so that the toddlers get to maintain the car within the tracks.

Race cars for toddlers are built to sharpen the reflexes of the toddler for they move at great speeds which the toddler should find challenging and fun.

The remote control car for toddlers are meant for older toddlers who have advanced from the slower types of cars RC toddler cars.

II. Trucks:

The trucks are bigger than the RC race cars. The RC trucks for toddlers are great for starters since they can help the child learn to steer the car without being frustrated.

Trucks allow the child to carry some items on top for they have much more power than the race cars. An older toddler who has not yet learnt the basics in steering might also find the trucks interesting to play with.

III. Buggies:

These are large toy vehicles that are smaller than the trucks but larger than the cars. The buggies are the best RC cars for toddlers to play with in the outdoors. The buggies are great for racing and can be used in the outdoors, an advantage they have over small race cars.

Buying Guide For Best Remote Control Car For Toddlers.

Are you wondering which one of the hundreds of RC model cars you should go for? Here are a few things to study before you make your choice in order for you to get the best remote control car for toddlers:

  • Type Of Vehicle:

As stated, the type of vehicle you buy determines the amount of fun the child will experience with it. Young toddlers should start with slower types of vehicles like the RC trucks so that they can learn the basics in steering.

Older toddlers can also use the trucks, but race cars give them more challenge. The buggies are the best in both situations since they are easier to control than small cars but are almost as fast.

  • Size:

The size of the kids remote control cars can be another factor. You need to choose a medium sized car that will not hurt the child if it is steered towards him/ or her.

You can go for the small ones, but medium sized RC cars are much visible and can be carried by the children easily.

  • Frequency Range:

For a great experience for both you and the child, you need to get the RC car that has the greatest range of communication. Most of the RC cars that are manufactured these days have a powerful range of RF signal communication.

You can therefore opt for the recent ones in order for you to get the one with the perfect range.

  • Battery Life:

A RC car that needs to be charged every time can be annoying for the child. The battery is the main power source of the RC car. It therefore needs to last long enough for the child to be able to enjoy until the continuous playtime induces some fatigue.

The best RC cars for kids for you to go for should at least have 2-3-hours uptime before it dies off. The RC cars infused with nitro boosters can manage to keep the charge for a long time since the main source of power will be the nitro tanks.

These types of race cars however have price tags with more digits and are for professional racers. If your kid is up for some great challenge, these are the best options.

Let’s see the best RC cars in the market that are suitable for your kid.

1. Anki Overdrive Starter Kit ~ Best Rc Cars For Kids.

The anki overdrive starter kit includes expansion tracks that you can use to race the RC cars. The RC cars in the Anki overdrive kits can be controlled by a mobile handset.


The Use of mobile phones as the remote controllers has made it easier for people to use the race cars. An infinite number of the latest mobile phones can be used as controllers, hence even when one of them is lost, it can be replaced in an instant.

The Anki overdrive cars are the best remote control cars for kids who want to learn the basics in RC racing. The tracks can be made to be more challenging as the experience develops.

An adult can also get to enjoy the remote controlled fun. The race tracks can be arranged in up to eight variants. An adult can go for the more challenging ones, or even better, get into a duel with the child so that both can have fun at the same time.

The Anki overdrive remote control cars for toddlers are light enough for the child to handle properly. The whole set weighs just 9.4 pounds, that is after you have included the tracks too.

Similar sized cars can be used on the same tracks. You can place other models on the tracks for a competitive race to see which model is much more superior than the other.

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2. Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno 1/14 Scale.

The holy stone remote controlled car for toddlers have taken after one of the most powerful car designs ever made. The Lamborghini design gives the RC car a great classy look.

The design has a detailed replication of the Lamborghini model cars. The speed of the RC car is also as impressive as the speed the original Lamborghini car has.

The Holy Stone RC car uses five 1.2V batteries. The batteries are included in the package and are rechargeable. You can get to enjoy the long-life batteries for a long period.

The transmitter uses 3 AA batteries which you have to purchase separately from the package. Since these types of batteries are common, you can get one from local stores easily.

This is one of the best remote cars for toddlers that you can buy for a child who has aged 14 years and above. You yourself can try out the fun and compete with the child to find out how rusty you can get over the years.

The transmitter has the classic arcade design. It is really easy to get the controls since everything is analogue.

This Holy stone Lamborghini venono car is made with the 1/14 scale. This size is small enough for children’s use.

3. Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy, Blue, 1/10 Scale.

Here is a vehicle you can go for if your child enjoys using remote control trucks for kids. The buggy is not as large as the trucks, but it has the same handing and a faster speed.

With a 1/10 scale, the spend and handling that the redcat racing buggy possesses outmatches the other buggies with the same scaling.

The redcat buggy uses a powerful nitro 2.67cc vertex engine. The engine is what gives the buggy the great speed. The tires are widened to cover a wider area for stability. You can control the redcat racing buggy as if it is moving with the same speed as the common battery powered buggies.

A 2.4Ghz transmitter is included in the package. It can cover a wide area hence you can create a large race track to practice on.

Since it is one of the remote controlled cars for kids that uses nitro for speed boost, the nitro remains to be the main source of power. Batteries are however needed to make it work.

A total of 12 AA batteries are needed; 8 for the remote controller and 4 for the redcat buggy’s transmitter and wheels.

The shock absorbers are aluminum capped. Aluminum is used because it is light and oxidation is not a major factor of wear and tear.

The speed of the car is fixed to a single value. When the nitro is burnt, the acceleration only takes less than a second before the optimal velocity is reached.


One of these should be the best remote control car for toddlers in your home to enjoy. They possess great speeds; hence you may also find them interesting to play with. If you need the best speeds, you should try out the buggy which has a boost like no other battery powered car.

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