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Having the best spare parts for your car is what makes your car last and prevents any expenditure for maintenance in short weekly intervals. Getting the best oil filters on the market is the first step towards a maintenance free month.

 What Is A Car Oil Filter? How Does It Work?

An oil filter is a vehicle part that purifies oil in the car system.

Be it the engine oil, transmission oil or even the lubricating oil, the oil filter can remove anything that might make the other car parts defective.

Oil filters are mainly used for purifying oil for internal-combustion engines combustion engines, though there are specific types that can be used on other parts too.

Types Of Oil Filters And Their Method Of Purification

There are basically four types of oil filters; mechanical, magnetic, centrifugal, sedimentation and high efficiency oil filters. They all have different methods of purifying the oil, and you can easily get a hint on how they work through their names.

The most common and earliest oil filter is the mechanical oil filter. It has a rotatable core which spins and traps any contaminants with a filter element suck on the core. Some of these filter elements are replaceable, though it is common to get one that is not.

The magnetic oil filter uses a permanent magnet to trap ferromagnetic oil contaminants, the sedimentation oil filter uses a gravity bed to layer the contaminants which are heavier than the oil and the centrifugal oil filter creates a centrifuge which separates all the materials in the oil and lets out the oil with great pressure.

The high efficiency oil filters allow the oil to drain in certain intervals through the pores that measure about three micrometers.

How To Maintain Your Car Oil Filter?

Maintaining the oil filter is not a difficult task once you know which type of oil filter you are working with. The common engine filter is the mechanical oil filter, which you can easily change if it has a replaceable core.

The main thing that you can do to keep the oil and filter in check is by replacing the oil every once in a while. You can check if the oil is still usable by dipping a rod in it and looking at the color of the oil.

What Is The Best Oil Filter Brand? – Buying Guide For The Best Car Oil Filter.

Getting the best oil filters on the market is not such a hard task, you just have to keep the following attributes in mind as you find one:

  • Container Of The Oil Filter

The housing of the oil filter should be made with strong material to withstand the high pressure. The main material normally used on the construction of the container is steel. You are sure to find one of them with great strength.

  • Efficiency Of The Cellulose Filter.

A cellulose filter should be able to trap a great percentage of the contaminants to prevent the internal parts of the engine from getting damaged.

The efficiency is also determined by the amount of oil that can be squeezed out with high pressure without clogging up the filter. The faster the rate of purified oil output, the better the oil filter.

  • Type Of Oil Filter.

Each type of oil filter has its own work to do. Though most of them can be used for the same purpose, some cannot work properly if replaced with a different type of oil filter, so you should find the best oil filters on the market that can serve the purpose meant.

  • Engine Oil Type.

You should try to find an oil filter that suits your engine oil type perfectly. Oil filters are choosy and some may not work on diesel engine oils if they were meant for some specific petrol engine oil because of drain intervals.

What Is The Best Oil Filter For Your Car?

There are very many oil filters that you can buy, but getting the best oil filter in the market can be quite a time consuming task. You can choose one of these amazing oil filters to save yourself the stressful search for these are some of the best oil filter brands there is:

1. Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter ~ Best Car Oil Filter.

When you are looking for the best item to buy there is, then efficiency comes first. From this Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter, you will get 99.6 percent efficiency in removing the contaminants in the oil you are cleansing.

The Mobil 1 oil filter also has a synthesized cellulose material that is layered so that the oil can pass through filtered to the maximum.

The capacity of contaminants that the Mobil oil filter can hold is around 28 grams. This is almost twice as much as the ordinary oil filters can hold. You will get to use the oil filter for a great duration before you have to throw it out.

The Mobil oil filter itself is long lasting: You will use the oil filter for a long time without having to change it, making it the best car oil filter to use in a car that you are not planning to open up soon.

The cylindrical cover can withstand pressure of up to 615 Pascals per square inch. This pressure is like nine times the normal pressure that the oil exerts as it is pushed out of the filter.

This is the best brand of oil filter that you can use in any compatible vehicle and have a maintenance free season. The Mobil oil filter can prevent the oil from leaking internally, preventing dry starts which take hours sometimes.

This is possible through the help of the anti-drain valve that keeps the oil from flowing out when the system is left idle. Most of the other oil filters usually let some of the fluid slip away, but with this oil filter, you can relax knowing that the next time you start the car, the first ignition is enough.

The seal of the oil filter has however given some people some difficulty in fitting it into their cars. The seal does not hold well in some cars and lets out some tiny oil droplets which become visible after a couple of weeks.

2. Royal Purple 10-2835 Extended Life Oil Filter ~ Best Synthetic Oil Filter.

Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter is also one of the best oil filters for cars that has won itself a spot in most of the best oil filter reviews. The oil filter has a thick shell container which can withstand a great deal of pressure.

The shell also makes it durable; the internal parts can survive a huge impulsive force on the shell. Even if the shell is dropped from a great height during cleansing, it will still operate as it usually does, hence is one of the best oil filters on the market that can function for a really long time.

In the center of the filter core, there is a tube that prevents the filter element from collapsing. This is usually the question that consumers have in mind as they go to purchase the oil filters, but should not be the case with this one.

The improved core can hold up in great pressure and a high level of contaminants, enabling the whole system to filter out the bad residues with ease for a long time.

The filter element consists of 100% screen-back synthetic media, which can filter out the contaminants with high efficiency and thus it is the best synthetic oil filter for you to buy.

Some people have expressed concerns about the size of the oil filter. It does not fit in some of the spaces left for the oil filters and hence is worthless to some specific brand of cars.

The back plate is made with heavy gauge steel to provide a medium for a better thrust of oil. The powerful thrust helps in the dispensation of the oil to the required part of the car.

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3. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter ~ Best Oil Filters On the Market .

If you love the state of the car’s engine, then Motorcraft FL2016 is the best auto oil filter that will help you retain that state. It traps the harmful particles in oil that would damage the engine with high efficiency.

The oil filter can even capture tiny bits of carbon particles that may be resent in the oil. Your engine will be at a good state each time you switch the car on and clog will not be among the list of problems that you may be looking for when it dies off.

In the oil filter are pressure relief valves which prevents contaminants from going back to the engine during the circulation of the oil. The Motocraft oil filter can therefore be used as a cleansing tool for the car’s engine.

The same pressure relief valves also ensure that the engine is getting an ample supply of oil, even in extremely low temperature conditions. The engine will not wear itself out just because the oil filter is clogged.

The filter element is highly efficient. It is capable of cleaning the oil without leaving residues that will destroy your engines health in no time.

For a whole year, you will enjoy the benefits of a warranty which you are going to be given upon purchase. If any manufacturing defect shows up before the time is up, you can go ahead and claim a replacement without any charges.

Some people have had a few problems with the rubber gasket, which also happens rarely. If this is the case upon purchase, you can claim a replacement with the warranty.

Both the external and internal parts of the oil filter are resistant to both oxidation and heat. The parts do not experience uneven expansion when they are exposed to heat and they also do not rust in the presence of water and oxygen.

The oil filter has a valve that prevent internal drain of oil, which has been a common issue with even the highest rated oil filters in the market. The exclusion of this problem has minimized the maintenance intervals of cars which are usually costly.

 All these three oil filters should be able to provide a good filtering task to each one of your car.

The common issues that people face have been eliminated from these oil filters, making them the best oil filters on the market for you to go for.

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