Best Night Light Projector For Babies In 2020

Best Night Light Projector For Babies In 2020 and Buying Guide 

Having the best night light projector for babies will not only give you an easy time luring your kid to sleep but also give you value for your money. After extensive research, we have selected, tested and reviewed the best night light for kids to ensure you get value for your hard-earned bucks.

3 Best Kids Night Lights To Buy

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When a baby sleeps in a great mood, you should not expect the baby monitor to scream in your ears all the time in the night.

You can get the best night light projector for babies to keep your child in a good mood and bring about trance that will sweep away your child into a subconscious colorful world.

1. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Turtle.

The cloud B twilight constellation night light is turtle shaped to appeal to your kiddo.

In the day when the nightlight is not going to be used for projection, the child can still use it as a toy as he/ she waits for darkness to descend.

The whole room is filled with stars that vary in color, transforming the room into a colorful spectacle that the child will love just staring at until the eyes become too heavy to keep open.

The cloud B nightlight is the best baby light show that you can get to dazzle a child to sleep.

It does not create just only a few countable stars that the child can folly up across a room, but creates stars that will make the room seem like it is the place where the fireworks explode.

You can place the cloud b twilight nightlight at any spot in the room and it will still shine on the walls perfectly.

You can choose the different colors depending on which color your baby likes the most. It is the best nursery projector for babies who love blue, green or amber.

The cloud b nightlight also has a timer that switches off the nightlight after forty-five minutes. This will leave the child to sleep in total darkness, which is a recommendation from the top pediatricians in the US.

It is packed with 3 AAA batteries that power it up. You yourself can sneak it up to your room after the baby has slept and watched the beautiful projection.

2. Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Soother, Green Elephant.

This projector nightlight is also shaped like a cuddly elephant that your child can play with when the projection is not visible.

The outside layer is made of polyester, which is hypoallergenic. It is, therefore, the best baby light projector for any child to have in the room.

This summer infant slumber buddies projection nightlight also has five melodic songs that play and relax the baby to sleep.

Apart from the lullabies, the night light also has nature sounds that the child should enjoy listening to.

This baby night light projector with music also has more to offer when it comes to the light being projected.

The nightlight can project stars to the walls and ceiling of the baby’s room, giving him/ her something to gaze at as the lullabies create the trance too.

You can choose a rhythmic change of colors to spice up the show to a better spectacle. If the child does not like the rhythmical change, you can switch back to the fixed color of your choice.

The night light contains a timer that gives you three options for the time out. You can either choose the 15, 30 or 45-minute timeout, depending on how long it usually takes your child to sleep.

You can also change the volume level to three different levels. On a noisy night, you can change it to the highest volume and change back to the lower values when things cool.

3. Ocean Wave Night Light By Deneve Baby Night Light Projector.

This ocean wave night light projector brings the best combination of colors moving in great ambiance to your child’s room.

If your child is just sick of the monochromatic displays, this is the best baby night light projector alternative that you can go for.

The Deneve ocean wave nightlight projects multicolored waves onto your baby’s walls and ceiling. The waves produce this hypnotic effect which will leave your child in deep tranquil within a few minutes.

The nursery projector light show has 12 different LED colors that will shine on your walls. You will, therefore, have a beautiful blend that everyone in your home can appreciate.

The nightlight can also play soothing music as the projection continues. The advantage this product has over others is its ability to add music from the iPod or mp3 player.

Yes! You can add your own downloaded lullabies with the best quality and play them throughout the time the baby is trying to sleep.

You can also plug the ocean wave nightlight to an A/C power source. This ensures that the batteries will not die out on you as the baby begins to enjoy the show.

You can also choose to use three AAA batteries too, thus making it the best light projector for babies anywhere. The batteries are however not included in the package.

What Is A Night Light Projector?

A night light projector is a device that can stream projections of images onto walls with optimal lighting.

A night light projector is not meant for lighting, but to keep your infant’s mind busy instead of counting sheep.

If you have been having problems with your child’s insomnia (very common), then a night light can help you with it before you lose it and pop some Nyquil for your child.

A nursery light show projects either the common shapes that the child can familiarize with easily or pictures of cute animals that appear in the form of silhouettes.

A night light projector can be fixed in places it can shine throughout the room.

Most of the nightlights for babies are placed in corners, but people usually prefer to place them at the center where the light will shine on all of the walls equally.

Types Of Best Night Light Projector For Babies.

You can split the nightlights being sold into two: nightlights with melodies and nightlights without melodies.

I. Nightlights Without Melodies.

These types of nightlights are perfect for babies who are sensitive to noise. Even though the melodies are rhythmical and loved by kids, they can sometimes keep the child awake.

The exclusion of the melodies in a baby projector light show has eased the operations of the night light projectors.

These types of nightlights are not the most common in the market since you can manually switch off the melodies in the melodically ones.

II. Melodic Baby Night Light.

The melodic nightlights are the best sellers in the market. They are the successors of the non-melodic projection nightlights for kids.

Even if your child wants to sleep in a quiet room, you can switch off the melodic feature and leave the projection of the silhouettes on.

Not all of the melodic nightlights can be switched off this way, you may need to get the best night light projector for babies to get this kind of feature or one more complex than this one.

Buying Guide for The Projection Nightlights for Kids.

The night lights seem like the things you need right? Well, here are just a few things to seek from a nightlight before pressing the order button;

  • Melodies.

The melodies suffused in the nightlight should be easy to cram for the child. Lullaby melodies are the best ones for night lights since the whole point is to get your child to sleep as soon as possible.

It would not hurt to get one with the common folklore melodies, but just ensure that there are rock-a-bye-baby-like melodies inserted.

  • Colors And Patterns.

Do not go for the gothic characters or dark colors. You should light up the room with cheerful colors that will not bring about bad dreams.

A light show that uses the additive color system is the perfect choice for children’s nightlights.

You can, however, go for the colors that you are comfortable with if you do not know your child’s favorite color.

  • Light Intensity.

A baby ceiling projector with a great light intensity might disrupt the sleeping patterns of your child.

You should, therefore, go for the nightlights that you can either control the light intensity or even use the lowest intensity possible.

Subtractive colors are great for the nightlights. White light can also be applicable, but you will need optimal light production that will not irritate the child.

  • Eye Protection.

As low as the light should be, you need to get a nightlight projector that will not direct rays straight to the child’s eyes. You need to find one that produces light that is directed straight to the walls and roof only.

Most of the designs have this quality, but there are some in the market that can direct light to almost 360 degrees around the house.

  • Automated Features.

The light projector for baby rooms needs to have automatic features that will help save power in the night. An example of the automated features is the auto shut feature.

The auto feature switches off the projection when the baby has slept. They are usually on time; hence they can go off within 30min to 2 hours.

It is not hard to get one with these nightlights with these features. Let’s have a look at the best nightlights for kid’s rooms that you can get;


The nightlights are perfect for getting your child to sleep. These are the best night light projector for babies that you can use as an alternative to TV, which might spoil your child at an early age.

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