Best Lightweight Convertible Car Seat For Infants and Toddlers Safety Today.

If you decide to buy the best lightweight convertible car seat in the market, then you will be giving your child more than just a comfortable seat for the ride. A convertible car seat can protect your child from impacts that may be of much damage without the seats.

A lightweight convertible car seat is also easily portable.

What Is a Lightweight Convertible Car Seat?

A lightweight convertible car seat is a portable seat that

you can attach to your car’s seat or airplane seat in order for your baby to fit in securely.

The convertible car seats convert the common seat that your baby might slip off easily to something that could actually fit the baby perfectly and securely.

Why buy a Lightweight Convertible Car Seat?

Your body can absorb some amount of impact that the baby’s body cannot. If you happen to take an abrupt corner or stop, your child may get hurt on the common seats.

The lightweight car seat however, can absorb the shock and retain the current position of the baby on the seat. Your child will therefore not feel a thing on the drift and impact that the car might have after the bump.

It is also advisable to use a convertible car seat for babies instead of the common seats because of the hypoallergenic nature most of them have. Most of the convertible car seats have hypoallergenic materials in their construction, making them suitable for all the babies.

A lightweight convertible car seat can be used in airplane travel too. You just need to strap the seat to the seat of the airplane and your child will sit comfortably throughout the trip.

If you manage to get the best lightweight convertible car seat, your baby will be able to use it at any time of the day. If the baby’s fatigue has reached the brink, you can recline the seat back in order for the baby to sleep in a comfortable position.

Buying Guide For The Best Lightweight Convertible Car Seat.

Here are a few things about a travel car seat for toddler use that you should keep in mind when you are shopping for one in order for you to be able to purchase the best lightweight convertible car seat for the baby:

  • No Allergen Traces:

You should go for the lightweight infant car seat that does not have a history of allergens in the construction. An allergic reaction can be fatal to a baby, especially a child whose allergen has not been discovered yet.

Since most of the manufacturers of the convertible car seats ensure that all the materials used contain no allergens, you can have an easy time finding a great one without any traces of allergens.

  • Space Provided:

The aim of the convertible seat is to squeeze the wide space that the common seats have to something that your child can fit comfortably in. You should however think of the coming future which your child may need some more space as the body develops.

If your child’s body is growing at a high rate, then you should either go for a convertible seat that can expand together with the baby’s body or one that has more space for the baby.

The common ones sold usually expand as the years go by, so choosing one of these may save you from future expenditures.

  • Portability:

The best convertible car seat for travel should also be portable enough for you to carry anywhere you travel. If your travel plans are based on the airline most of the time, then you should find best convertible car seats for babies with the lowest possible weight to use there.

  • Design:

The design that the convertible car seat has also counts. A design that makes the car seat highly portable will enable you to transport it to the place that it is needed without problems.

Most of the lightweight convertible seats can be folded into smaller sizes, hence you can carry them in a container or bag.

The absence of sharp metallic parts is a perfect for the convertible car seats. Some airlines will not accept such types of seats on board, hence you may be forced to leave the seat behind in order to travel.

  • Side impact protection:

The best lightweight car seat for you to go for should have a side impact protection system for your child. You need to choose a convertible car seat that has the ability to absorb a great percentage of the shock created by an impact.

Where can you get such a seat? Here are the best travel car seats for toddlers that you definitely should check out:

1. Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat, Matrix ~ Best Carseat For Travel.

The Chicco NextFit convertible seat is also the lightest convertible car seat you can go for. The convertible seat can be made to recline to up to 9 positions.

The Recline Sure 9-positioning levelling system gives you this great range of seat reclining so that you can choose the best angle that your child can sit in without discomfort.

A bubble indicator is attached to the sides of the chicco nextfit convertible seat so that you may see the correct angle of reclining on both the rear and front facing seats.

The headrest can also be reclined in 6-positions. You can elongate the headrest as your child develops so that the neck will not be the only part being supported. This is therefore the lightest weight infant car seat that you can use to on growing infants for a good period of time.

The chicco nextfit convertible car seat is fitted with a super cinch latch tightener that you can use to secure the seat over the ordinary one. The system enables you to tighten the grip of the seat without putting much effort in the task.

This is possible through the force multiplying system integrated in the latch tightener. The system enables a great percentage of women to secure the seat with much ease.

The total weight of the seat is only 25lbs. This may not be as light as the Combi coccoro convertible seat, but it is highly portable and will be easy for anyone to carry without feeling much fatigue.

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2. Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat, Tangerine.

Here is a product that offers more convenience that any other lightweight convertible car seat for air travel. Graco snugride is the best lightweight convertible car seat that you can connect to quite a mumber of different types of seats with great ease.

The infant car seat can be connected with just one click to any graco snugride stroller in the market. You can easily transport it to the stroller and just turn a knob for attachment.

It is the best lightweight convertible car seat that has managed to score the least weight but great quality.

The graco snugride infant car seat only weighs 7.5lbs. This low weight will allow you to carry the convertible seat with your other luggage to the airport without making you carry a great bulk that you may not be able to handle.

The seat has been tested to comply with the standards set by US bureaus. Crash tests have been performed to see whether the seat will be able to protect your child from great shock.

The tests prove that the seat exceeds the standards set for child safety seats, hence you are guaranteed that the baby will remain safe when seated on the chair.

The graco snugride convertible seat is perfect for babies weighing up to 35 pounds. It can keep babies within this recommended weight limit safe from the impacts. It is also compact and therefore the best convertible car seat for small cars.

3. Combi Coccoro Harness, Chestnut ~ Best Travel Car Seat.

The combi coccoro convertible car seat is made from polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam is a type of soft synthesized material that is fire retardant.

It cannot catch fire when exposed to the flames of the common fire sources like the matches and lighters. This makes the seat perfectly safe to use in the car because even when a fire is started, it will not be the first thing that bursts into enormous flames.

 The polyurethane foam also makes the seat the best travel car seat to use in airplanes. The material is super light and hence carrying it by hand will not seem like a task to bother you.

The seat weighs just 11 pounds, a weight that every parent should find convenient to carry to anywhere the destination is.

This Combi coccoro convertible seat also has an outstanding Combi tru-safe side impact protection. The side pads have thick walls that protect the child from getting neck and head injuries during an accident.

The rear seat is tethered by a connector strap to retain a level position. The Combi coccoro lightweight toddler car seat also shows when the buckle is buckled down securely. You can never miss a buckle that is hanging since you will be warned visually that the buckle is still hanging loose.


The best lightweight convertible car seat needs not only be super light for it to qualify to be of use in the airplane. All the features discussed in the buying guide are exhibited by the three seats listed. You should definitely try one of them and feel how great it is to use a light but helpful item.

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