Best Kayaks For Fat Guys In June 2020

If you’re looking for the best kayaks for fat guys, just relax and read on. Most of us, especially the plus size people, just watch the smooth blue waters and imagine helplessly how we would enjoy having fun kayaking. We mistakenly think that this activity is only reserved for average-sized guys. Wrong!

The good news is; there’s a wide array of the best fishing kayaks designed for plus size people.  The kayaks come in different models and features so you can make a choice according to your taste.

Each of the extra-wide kayaks has a particular function, meant for either the cold waters or rough surface of the ocean. What do you prefer? You know better. My taste might not be your taste.

So let’s help you out by making your next hunt for a large kayak easier. We have conducted in-depth research to come up with the best kayaks for fat guys. These amazing kayaks are designed to offer you an unforgettable kayaking experience in the ocean.

1. Intex Excursion Professional Series Inflatable Kayak

All our product researchers and authors agree here that Intex Excursion is doing a great job in providing quality products, and their Professional Series Inflatable Kayak is not an exception. The product comes with amazing features and benefits, which make it ideal for pros and beginners.

What we like most about this kayak is the stability and resistance that comes with it, making it an excellent starter for paddling in lakes, rivers, and calm bays. The experienced kayakers can even take it out to the ocean, rest assured it will perform flawlessly.

This kayak’s sleek design makes it incredibly easy to maneuver around and turn even for the beginners. It is also lightweight, thus easy to carry around.

The Intex Excursion Kayak is among the most durable kayaks, having been made using the best quality and high-density polyethylene monocoque. You can trust that it will handle even in the harshest conditions.

The Intex Excursion is a superbly comfortable large kayak. It has a large cockpit that will allow you to paddle with less effort.

The padded seat will give you a posh ride all day long. It is made of polyethylene hull, which makes it very durable. You do not have to worry about paddling a beat-up kayak.

This kayak for a significant person comes along with many features that will make your day out to the sea more than successful.

They include a removable portable accessory carrier for storage, a paddle holder, a dry storage compartment.

Also, it features a shock cord deck, fishing rod holders, adjustable foot braces as well as thigh pads. What more would you be looking for?

Features At Glance

  • Protective thigh pads for comfort
  • Paddler and carrying handles
  • Storage compartment
  • Adjustable foot braces

What We Liked:

  • It is very stable so that you can be sure of a dry ride.
  • It is very affordable.
  • We love that the kayak can be paddled both on short and long trips
  • It is spacious and comfortable – the kayak has lots of storage compartments where you can keep your food and essential gear
  • It is suitable both for beginners and pros and can be used in rivers, lake and even on the ocean
  • It is super affordable, great for the cost
  • It is leading in terms of performance

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It does not have drain plugs.

Bottom line

Intex Excursion has a lot to offer, especially considering its low price. It is made of high-quality and durable build, and its performance and stability are top-notch. It is lightweight for easy transportation and maneuverability in tight waters. It is a perfect product for beginners and pro kayakers.

2. Sea Eagle 370 3-Person Inflatable Kayak Canoe

The Sea Eagle 370 Kayak is one of the most comfortable yet cost-effective sit-on kayak models in the market. It comes in a range of colors, so you get to choose your favorite. Even better, it is super easy to use as it is made for entry-level users. So, if you are looking for newbie kayak, then this is definitely what you need.

Sea Eagle 370  is a short 26 lb kayak that can carry up to 650 lbs at a go. It is very comfortable with the double padded comfort plus the seat with a perfect backrest.

It is lightweight; therefore, you don’t have to worry about hiring a truck when you wish to go surfing. It does not matter whether you want to go fishing or chill out in the lake. This high weight capacity kayak is inexpensive, so many people can afford it.

The stem tank well offers storage. There are also removable bungees. This kayak for a large person will work WELL for you, especially when you are out in the flat waters.

The Sea Eagle 370 Kayak is about 9 feet in length and about 32 inches wide. The fact that it is a sit-on model enhances maximum stability and comfort, and this is a plus point, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

The kayak is made from one layer of polyethylene, which is super light, hence suitable for heavyweight people. It is also ideal for people who love carrying extra gear with them, especially when paddling at night. One of the main reasons why we love this item is that it can comfortably hold different weight limits.

Amazing Features at Glance

  • It is super affordable
  • It is the best size and makes for beginners
  • It is made of best quality materials hence super durable

What we love about this kayak

  • It is super stable – we love the stability of this product and the fact that it can remain upright and stable in water all day regardless of the waves. This is mostly enhanced by its tri-form shaped hull that adds to its balance.
  • It entails plenty of storage space – if you are the kind of person who loves carrying extra stuff when going out paddling, this kayak got you covered. It has enough space where you can keep all your safety gear
  • Easy to carry around – we love how light the kayak is, so you do not need a partner to help you move it around. It is a plus because it is a solo kayak so you can go out for adventure whenever you wish with no need for a companion.
  • It is fully adjustable – the kayak seat can be adjusted in up to four ways for enhanced comfort

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It can be a little uncomfortable if you are too big.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a beginner kayak for people of all ages, you can certainly never go wrong with Sea Eagle 370. It is super affordable, durable, and easy to use and features excellent stability. Even better, it is adjustable and will, therefore, not break your back. It is worth investing in.

⇒3.  Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package.

If you are after usability and something that you can carry around, this kayak is the one for you. It comes with a range of incredible features, and the fact that it inflates and also happens to be among the smallest inflatable kayaks makes it super incredible. You can easily carry it around and use it whenever you want to go kayaking.


The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to inflate it fully. It does not require expertise to do so, and you are therefore safe even on your first day. You can quickly deflate it after use and put it back to the car or store it in your house.

The kayak includes a grab line around its circumference, which is a plus point for enhancing portability. This feature is also critical for increased safety.

This kayak is made of incredibly high quality and durable polykralar hull material. What’s more? It entails high-frequency seams attached to it. Polykrylar is not only light, but also, it is thick enough to resist puncture and other harsh elements that could be thrown at it, such as; salt, UV rays chemicals, gas, or grime while in water.

The kayak consists of three inflatable chambers, which include the floor chamber, port, and starboard chambers. This means that if a puncture was to occur, only one of the chambers would be blown, thus enhanced safety.

The other fantastic feature we loved about this kayak is the 5-tube l-beam floor, which promotes stability and makes the kayak steadier than most inflatable kayaks. It is a fantastic package that comes along with all you could be asking for in a kayak 500 lb.

This ensures optimal durability. Other features include two skegs, inflatable spray skirts, high frequency welded seams, an inflatable front that can be removed, rear seat front and rear rope handles. Don’t you feel the urge to try it out as I do?

Amazing Features at A Glance

  • It is durable
  • It is super affordable
  • Easy to inflate and steer
  • Easy to carry around

What We Liked:

  • Durability – the kayak is made of super thick, durable material and you can trust that it will serve you for the longest time
  • It is easy to carry around – the fact that you can inflate and deflate it after use makes it ideal to carry around to work, school and use it when you feel like
  • It is user-friendly – it is a beginner-friendly kayak, and you do not need experience or expertise to set up and use it
  • The capacity – we love the size of this kayak, mainly due to its fair-sized interior. The inflatable seats are removable, which allows you to carry as much stuff as you wish. It can also fit an adult and child, which makes it ideal if you want to take your kid on an adventure
  • The seats are padded for maximum comfort.
  • It is easy to pack and set up since deflating and inflating is very easy.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Carrying it around can be tricky since it is heavier than most best Kayaks For Fat Guys.

Bottom line

From its features and benefits, we can confidently say that this is a great kayak, both for amateurs and beginners. It is safe and easy to use. It is ideal for families and worth getting.

⇒4.  AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak.

This is the perfect kayak for cruising yachts, camping, and exploring remote areas. AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana is also ideal for kayaking enthusiasts who do not want to drive around with a kayak on the roof of the car. It is easy to store and transport and can easily fit in the trunk of your vehicle or even in a suitcase.


You can have it wherever you go and unleash it whenever you feel like paddling. One of the things we loved most about it is its superior comfort enhanced by the l-beam floor supports. The feature is also meant for enhancing safety while in water.

It is among the best kayaks for fat guys that can accommodate two adults. The seats can be easily inflated and deflated; therefore, you will have an easy time packing up your large kayak.

Handling this kayak is a blink of an eye since the handles are available. Heavy-gauge PVC with 3 Air chambers are well protected from water and UV rays. Shop before it is too late.


  • Compact and portable
  • Comes in highly visible orange color
  • Entails an adjustable foot brace
  • It is made of nylon and stainless steel which prevents it from corrosion
  • Easy to inflate and deflate mainly due to the Boston valves

What We Liked:

  • Its great construction
  • It has a solid build
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • Has a spacious storage space
  • Amazing performance
  • Lightweight thus easy to carry around
  • It has enhanced features that enhance comfort and safety
  • It is very affordable.
  • It weighs 36 lbs, thus easy to transfer.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has less space for the second person, which is a little comfortable.

Bottom line

AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak is a fantastic kayak for a heavyweight person, especially those who wish to paddle for long distances. It is super comfortable and safe, not forgetting its reliable make that makes it super durable.

What To Consider When Buying Best Kayaks For Fat Guys.

There are several things you need to consider when buying anything. Well, it is not an exception when it comes to buying the best kayaks for fat guys.

When I purchased my large kayak, below are several things that I considered.

  • Users

At a time, kayaks accommodates one to four persons. If you happen to be a family guy or maybe planning to have a kayak to fit your regular fishing schedule while accompanied by a friend, choose products such as the Lifetime 10-Foot Kayak.

Otherwise, a single top-tier kayak is a good choice.

  • Size

Kayaks with high weight capacity come in different sizes. Choose the one that suits you best.

  • Weight capacity

This is a crucial factor. Buy a kayak 500 lb that is at least 50 lbs higher than your own weight and can not capsize. You need to be aware of what weight limit a kayak can support since every kayak has got a weight limit.

Therefore, as you search for the best kayak, ensure that its weight limit is not very close to your weight plus your gear’s weight. When you give an allowance of a small margin, you will be feeling secure when you are out of water.

  • Single or double

Consider if you want to ride solo or with someone, it’s your choice to make.

  • Easy to set up

You obviously need an easy time when you are out kayaking. The best large kayak should be easy to set up.

  • Materials

There are very many good cheap fishing kayaks in the market today that are of different materials. If you want a durable one, plastic is the best.

  • Style

I would advise a huge person to choose a sit-in kayak which will provide enough space for storage, and it’s safer

  • Speed

If you are a beginner, consider extra-wide kayaks that have a low speed and advance as you become more skilled.

  • Portability

Transporting the high weight capacity kayak can be a lot stressful if the kayak is cumbersome, especially if you leave far from the sea, lake, or ocean. Buy one that will need little effort to carry.

  • Cost

Consider your budget. This will prevent you from spending extra cash on unnecessary things.

  • Kayak’s Weight

Factually, most lightweight kayaks are very durable and they will last against scrapes and bumps in the water.

Lightweight kayaks moves both out and in the water very easily. If you are too worried of pulling your weight as you row your kayak, get a lightweight kayak and this will be an assurance that you will not quickly get tired in the course of your kayaking.

Best Types of  kayaks for big people.

Kayaks are available in different styles. Every style has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Which of these styles makes the best kayaks for fat people?

  • Inflatable Kayaks

This is a self-explanatory name. The inflatable type of kayak has recently become very popular. This is because they are in a way cheaper when compared to normal kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are very buoyant. Additionally, most of the recent models are durable. Inflatable kayaks are however not known due to their high weight capacity.  You may also find others whose weight limit is very good. It’s reasonably better to invest on a kayak that is more expensive since it can probably last longer.

  • Sit-Inside Kayaks

This name comes along due to the relationship between your body’s weight and the kayak. This kayak style gives room for protection of your lower body inside the kayak. This is a highly recommended style for people searching a kayak throughout the year or those wishing to stay dry and warm.

However, the smaller cockpit and the narrower body of sit-inside kayaks makes it harder for bigger guys as they get out and in of it plus easier tipping for them.

  • Sit-On Kayaks

These types of kayaks allows you to comfortably sit with your legs at the front but at the kayak’s top rather than inside. In this kayak, you can get in and out easily. There is also room for you to move around it in order to get comfortable.

What I would highly recommend as kayaks for big people are the sit-on style kayaks since they will accommodate their needs best.

I have personally used the sit-on style kayak over years. Its services have been perfect.

 Features to Consider When Buying a Kayak If You’re Big?

Large Cockpit Size

A large kayak will go hand in hand with the size of a cockpit. Cockpit size is an important aspect if you are tall despite it being a sit-on-top or a sit-inside kayak. Even though the sit-on-tops will offer more open deck to you, you will still be mindful of your legs’ space.

You may prefer larger cockpit style with sit-inside kayaks. This eases your getting in and out.  The length inside the cockpit is also important. This offers enough room so that your legs are comfortable over your paddling trip duration.

Deck Height

The center of gravity of a tall guy is higher. This will make you lesser stable when sitting inside the kayak. For you to be more stable, go for a kayak whose sitting area is deeper and also one that have a lower deck.

This implies that you get seated lower in the yak thus giving you a center of gravity that is lower. You will therefore have a feeling that your possibility of tipping over is lower.

There are a variety of kayaks designed for highest stability and also enables you to stand while fishing or even stretch your legs.This added stability even when a person is standing makes them an ideal option for taller paddlers.

Q & A

How big of a kayak do I need?

The ideal size for a sea kayak should be at least 14 feet long while an excellent kayak for paddling in inlets and bays should be a bit longer. If you plan on paddling on open or rough waters, you should go for an up to 18-feet long kayak. 20- Feet kayak is the recommendable length for ocean kayaking. The weight will also determine the length of a kayak.

For example, a fat person weighing around 250 pounds will need a longer kayak compared to that of a child weighing 80 pounds. To determine the right size of the kayak, you should consider where you plan to go kayaking, your weight, your budget, and whether you plan to go solo or with a partner.

How big is a kayak?

Kayaks come in different sizes, and you get to choose the one that perfectly meets your needs. Ideally, most of the kayaks are about 10-16 feet long and 30-42 inches wide. However, depending on your weight and where you intend to go paddling, you can find much bigger kayaks. The goal is to select one with maximum stability, comfort, and maneuverability.

Who makes kayak for a big man 400 lb?

If you feel that you are not as fit as the younger guys, do not worry as all hope is not lost for you. You can still go paddling in a spacious, stable, and comfortable kayak made for people of up to 400lb. Lots of companies have come up with these great inventions, and you only need to select one that fits your specifications.

How big should a paddle be for a kayak?

Again, the right size of a kayak paddle depends on your needs. To determine the right measurement, you should hold the paddle in your hands horizontally with the elbows a little at a 90-degree angle. Your hands should be approximately 75% of the distance between the shoulder of the blade and the center of the shaft. That is how big the paddle should be.

How big does the water have to be to use a kayak?

The depth and size of the waters depend on the size and type of kayak you choose. You can kayak in a river, lake, or ocean. However, ocean and open waters are only recommended if you are pro in this due to the dangers of navigation. Beginners should start with rivers and lakes.

What can I put in big storage kayak?

You can put nearly anything in the kayak storage compartments provided it is safe. Mostly, you should put some foodstuff, especially if you intend to go on long trips. You should also carry safety gear to be prepared for anything that could happen while in water.

How to wire mesh repair big cracks in a kayak

Did you know that you can perform a DIY repair on your kayak? It is super easy and takes a short while, and you are done. Use a small drill bit to put small homes at every end of the crack. This is to ensure that the plastic does not spread as you weld. You also need HDPE welding rods whose functionality is similar to a glue gun.

How to repair a kayak with wire mesh

The first tip is to sit up straight in the kayak and have a good posture before you start stroking. Also, consider the symmetry of the stroke from right to left. Also, check the paddle angle, stroke length, not forgetting the rotation of the paddle.


As you’ve seen, there are many best kayaks for fat guys available out there. Ensure that you purchase one that will take your kayaking adventure to a heavenly level.

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