Best Infant Scale For Home Use In 2020

Here Are The Best Infant Scales For Home Use In 2020

Buying the best infant scale is probably not one of the things in many mothers’ minds because newborn babies are taken to follow up clinics every four weeks.

However, an infant weighing scale for home use is necessary to monitor if the baby is growing as expected.

Types of Infant Digital Scale

I. Manual Baby Scales:

These are scales that have two sides; one for the baby and the other with balancing weight equipment. It’s expensive and difficult to use.

II. Digital Baby Weighing Scales:

These scales use power or batteries to give the exact weight of the baby to the decimal point.

III. Table Top Infant Weighing Scales:

Tabletop scale has a flat or curved tray to place the baby on. It can be manual or automatic.

IV. Hanging  Toddler Scales:

This is a spring infant weight scale with a sling to place the baby. You can hold it with your hands or hang it permanently on a pole.

Why Do You Need A Baby Weight Scale?

  • Monitor Weight:

One of the reasons why a mom needs a baby weight scale is because a baby can lose weight or stay stagnant which is cause for worry.

  • Reduce Hospital Trips

It’s not ideal to go to the clinic every month just to have check baby weight. It’s cheaper than going to the hospital every month.

Buying Guide For The Best Infant Scale On the Market.

The 5 criteria to check for when buying an infant weighing scale are;

The Cost Of The Baby Scale.

The baby weight scale should not be too expensive but then again if it’s too cheap something is wrong.


Babies add very little weight so choose the most accurate baby scale that reads exact weight to the last gram.

Ease Of Use:

The best infant scale should be easy to place the baby and read the numbers.


It’s important that it’s automatic, able to hold the baby in place and comfortable.


A scale should be able to serve all your babies without breaking down.

Here is a review of some of the Best Infant Scale For Home Use |Best Baby Scale Reviews.

1. Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale.

If you need a scale that will measure your baby’s weight to the letter, Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale is the way to go.

This comfortable baby digital scale will give you up to 0.5 ounces difference so you can know how much the baby is growing.

Features To Consider:

  • The accurate measurement of this digital baby scale will help the mom make decisions on the right amount of food, scheduling doctor’s visit, and breastfeeding patterns.
  • It has a big LCD digital display facing forward so it’s easy to read the measurements.
  • The curved infant tray has a security lock so it does not move or wobble during use.
  • When the baby outgrows the tray, this wonderful baby scale can be converted to a toddler scale platform where the baby can be weighed standing up. This is very cost-effective because you won’t have to buy another scale for your toddler.
  • This scale is shaped in the face of a teddy bear so it’s pleasing to the kids.
  • It is powered by a nine-volt battery that can be replaced.
  • There is a hold feature that one can press if the baby is moving too much to let you know the baby’s average weight in that period.
  • it’s no surprise that this Health o meter Grow has made to the top of best infant scale list because it comes with a five-year warranty and growth chart to track baby growth over a couple of years.
  • Though this scale is pretty technologically advanced, using it is extremely easy. All you have to do place the baby safely and press ‘on’ and lb/kg buttons to get your measurements.

2. Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale.

The Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale is a total body scale for the whole family.

It’s one of the most reliable and accurate scales in the market because it calculates body fat, muscle mass, hydration and bone measurements.

Features To Consider:

  • The Ozeri Touch Scale made with StepOn technology, which enables it to power on when you step onboard.
  • In an effort to make Ozeri Touch the best baby scale, it has been upgraded to have an infant, pet, and luggage tare buttons so weighing your baby, pet or luggage while in your arms is quick and easy.
  • It has built-in memory and auto-recognition technology for every person who uses it at home or in the gym. However, the maximum number of recognizable users should be eight.
  • It has three touch-sensitive buttons to make operation easy and four illuminating icons on the screen to show your body fat, hydration, bone measurement, and muscle mass. Each personal profile stores the weight, height, gender, and age of the users so every family member can keep track of their weight.
  • The Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale has an easy to read LCD screen that shows the most accurate weight.
  • This scale uses 4 of the latest GX sensors to capture body weight of up to 200kg. It can also be used to weigh luggage, pets, parcels, and even boxes.
  • The scale turns off automatically when you step down to conserve the power provided by 2 Lithium batteries.
  • It’s one of the most durable and elegant weight scales thanks to the impact-resistant tempered glass which is reflective and four times stronger than ordinary glass.

3. Salter Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale.

What makes this a great newborn scale is the fact that its plastic.

Most of the best baby scales are made of metal or stainless steel, which can be cold, noisy and uncomfortable.

Features To Consider:

  • It has a capacity of 45pounds and it is very accurate measuring in 0.5-ounce increments.
  • When the baby gets older and outgrows the tray, this scale can be converted into a toddler scale by simply removing the tray.
  • If the baby is moving back and forth instead of sitting still, one can press the hold function and let the scale calculate the average weight of the baby during the time they were in it.
  • There is a zero function used to subtract the weight of clothing and diapers and give the most accurate measurements.
  • It’s run by one 9V battery and has a five-year warranty.
  • It’s an affordable weighing scale for infants, toddlers, and pets. It is used in homes, pediatric clinics and pet clinics.
  • Despite the fact that it’s plastic; Salter Electronic Baby and Toddler makes one of the best infant scales that is very sturdy and well built to hold a moving or fussy baby without falling and it.
  • This scale changes from to pounds when you press the kg/lbs. button. Unfortunately, the tray is too small for tall babies.

4 Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad and WiFi Scale.

While everything else in this world seems to change, baby scales are not being left behind.

This smart changing pad is the latest innovation to monitoring your baby’s growth in the most technologically advanced way.

Features To Consider:

  • Besides being a baby weighing scale, this equipment is also a changing pad with a built-in, wireless scale. You can weigh your baby as you change their diaper and the padding makes it very comfortable for the baby.
  • This infant digital scale is automatically synced to a companion Hatch Baby App that records sleep, nursing sessions, pumping amount and all those crucial details.
  • This scale provides very accurate and reliable results measured to the 0.25 of an ounce.
  • It is smartly designed to look and feel like a bed so it does not scare or intimidate babies. This clean and versatile equipment fits perfectly in any nursery.
  • The companion app helps the mom to record the baby’s growth using the easy in-app charts and share this data with the pediatrician in case of anything. This app makes it possible for mothers to know if the baby is feeding enough, growing the right way and sleeping enough.
  • With the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad and WiFi Scale, a mother is able to know exactly how much breast milk the baby is taking per session in order to adjust accordingly.


A newborn baby scale is very important to have if your baby has certain medical issues that can affect health or was born prematurely.

A scale also comes in handy if a mother wants to be measuring how much breast milk the baby takes when they breastfeed.

Our informed baby scale reviews include some of the most affordable, durable and accurate baby weighing scale available in the market.

They are incredibly easy to use and have some amazing extra features to make weighing your baby fun.

Because doctors’ visits are usually weeks apart, a mother may want to know whether the baby is growing accordingly in the meantime.

The best infant scale is one of the few ways you can track the baby’s growth and feeding patterns so you can make the necessary adjustments or make that doctor’s appointment sooner.