Best Feeling Condoms For Her Pleasure.

Sex is an act mainly meant for lovers. However, other people engage in it for other reasons.

There are very many consequences of unprotected sex and you can still enjoy with best feeling condoms for her and his pleasure to avert any negative consequences.

Getting the best condoms especially condoms that feel like skin can be a daunting task. This is because one has to be keen on what they prefer as well as what their partner loves.

Below are the best types of condoms for pleasure.

Make sure you get one of these super condoms while having sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies among other health complications related to sexual activities, and still enjoy sex to the maximum

Read through and you will learn on the most comfortable condoms for optimal pleasure.

Best Condoms For Him And Her.

1.  Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 36 Count

Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 36 Count is among the most used condoms that feel like skin. They come in a pack of 36 condoms that enable you to have the best sex ever.

These most pleasurable condoms for women pleasure are made of latex to enhance durability.

Their lubrication and professional designs are unbeatable for unbelievably heartwarming sex.Best Feeling Condoms For Her


They are among the best feeling condoms for her with a reservoir at the tip, which minimizes the risk of bursting.

Their smooth feeling lets you get lost in the act, which is absolutely heavenly.


  • It has an amazing silky smooth feeling.
  • It is easily available.
  • It properly fits standard sized individuals.


  • The ring is a little loose.

2.   OKAMOTO Crown Condoms 100 Pack.

These best condoms for him and her are thin to ensure that you have a memorable session.

They come in an amazingly beautiful color, which is pink-tinted. Isn’t this an additional pleasure booster?what is the best condom to use for pleasure


These ultra-thin condoms are among the best condoms for girls’ pleasure that are very dependable due to their design and quality.

They are 100 in number therefore; you have less worries of running out of stock in a day.

Durability is sure and comfort is another reason to purchase these best condoms for female pleasure.

They are not contoured so you can use them if you want the most natural feeling.


  • They are very strong.
  • They are very sensitive.


  • These condoms are not ideal for large penis.

3.  SKYN Original Condoms, 24ct.

Sex can be the most embarrassing experience if you use the cheap condoms available in the streets.

Forget about this and go for SKYN Original Condoms, 24ct. they are made of polyisoprene, which offers sensitivity hence making the sex condoms for women's pleasure


Being one of the best condom for her, it offers comfort due to the straight design.

If you are not a latex fan, this best thin condom has a reservoir for more safety to avoid challenges such as unwanted pregnancies.

The pack has twenty four best condoms for female pleasure at all times.

Their strong construction maximizes durability thus tearing will not be in your dictionary as you enjoy the sensual feeling.


  • It has no latex smell.
  • It is the thinnest condom thus offers maximum pleasure.
  • It feels very natural.


  • It does not fit properly hence it can slip.

4.   Durex Performax Intense Condom, 24 Count.

Durex Performax Intense Condom, 24 Count tops the list of the best feeling condoms for her.

This is because of its ability to optimize stimulation due to the ribbed design. Who doesn’t love this feeling anyway?best condoms for him and her


They are well fitting therefore they will not slip out which can be suicidal during the heated moments.

Lubrication is properly enhanced for comfort hence more pleasure. Despite being dotted, they are very durable for protection.

For those who take the latex smell as a turn on, this is one of the best feeling condom you should opt for.

It will take care of your bedroom needs in a safer and more enjoyable way that you are not likely to forget.


  • It increases pleasure.
  • It is easy to slip on.
  • The comfort is unbeatable.


  • It is not ideal for those who love it smooth.

5. Okamoto 0.04 Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack.

From fun to comfort to durability as well as safety, Okamoto 0.04 Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack offer all these among other things.

Being one of the best feeling condoms for him and her, they feature an ultra-thin construction which is also strong for condom for her


Another great thing about these best condoms for girls’ pleasure is that they leave zero smell after sex.

You know how irritating it can be, right? It is lightly lubricated which enhances friction for better stimulation.

Grab yourself a packet or two and you will have the most natural sex with the best condom for female pleasure.


  • There are no breakages when using this best feeling condom.
  • It offers durability.



  • It is quite expensive.

6.  LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms, 40ct.

Are there any condoms that feel like nothing? Oh yes! Ever heard of LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms, 40ct?

They come in a pack of 40 best feeling condoms for her. Although they are made of well-lubricated latex, they do not have the irritating smell, which many people don’t like.

best condoms for female pleasure CLICK TO VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON.

The material that manufactures these best condoms for women’s pleasure is durable and resistant to busting therefore you are sure of optimum protection.

Unwanted pregnancies will be history together with the common STIs.

The reservoir at the tip of each thinnest condom is a good picture of comfort.


  • It is highly durable.
  • The pack features three different types of condoms.
  • It ranks as the thinnest condom for optimum pleasure.


  • It is quite expensive unlike condoms for her pleasure.

7.   Trojan Magnum Xl Lubricated Condoms, 12 Count

You might be asking yourself what is the best condom to use for pleasure.

Well, Trojan Magnum Xl Lubricated Condoms, 12 Count are known for the memorable sex they enable.

Specifically made for individuals with large penises, they ensure comfort, which is not possible when you use standard sized feeling condom


I know you do not want limitations when having sex especially if you are extra endowed down there..

They are made of high quality latex, which enhances durability. The lubrication is smooth and silky for easier thrusting.

The design is reliable due to the tapered base as well as the special reservoir tip.


  • It is easy to put on.
  • It is ideal for the ‘blessed’ guys.
  • It is well lubricated.


  • The outer lubrication dries up faster.

Buying Guide For The Best Feeling Condoms For Her.

Sex has its many benefits and challenges which most people oversee. However, once you decide to have sex, it is better if you are protected because you will have fewer things to worry about.

Below are things to consider if you want to buy the best feeling condoms for her.

  • Color

Just like other things, condoms that feel like skin come in different colors. Different people love different colors therefore; it will be good if you discuss what colors your partner prefers.

  • Size

This significantly determines the comfort during sex. Ensure that you buy the right size of the most pleasurable condoms for women.

  • Texture

The texture of the best feeling condoms for her varies from smooth to studded to ribbed. This determines the stimulation offered by these best condoms for pleasure.

  • Material

Although many people prefer the common latex condom, there are those who are allergic to them.

There is a variety of other materials that you can choose from. They include polyurethane, polyisprene, and natural skin among others.

  • Flavor

Best condoms for women’s pleasure have varying flavors. If you want to enhance your sex with some scents, confirm from your partner what flavors they love before you make a decision.

  • Safety

Best condoms for her pleasure should be safe. Confirm if they have a reservoir at the tip, which shows maximum protection from unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

  • Durability

The best condoms for female pleasure should be made from durable material to prevent bursting in the process of having sex.

  • Ease of use

Sex can be overwhelming at times. Ensure that you go for condoms that are easy to put on even in the dark to prevent having unprotected sex.

  • Price

The best condom for female pleasure does not necessarily have to be expensive. Just ensure that the cost of the best feeling condom that you choose favors your pocket.


As you all know, sex is more enjoyable if the risks that come with it are curbed.

The above listed best feeling condoms for her will make your sex memorable and most importantly safe. Try them out for a more spiced up experience.

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