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You can never be too sure about the cleanliness of the items that you have at home. A baby’s food container needs to be thoroughly sterilized for you to be able to use the item without worrying about germs. This can be possible when using the best electric steam sterilizer in the market.

What Is A Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

A baby bottle sterilizer is a machine that can kill germs and bacteria to purify the plastic bottle in order for you to be able to place food inside.

The sterilizers for baby bottles usually use hot steam for this purpose. Some of the advanced general sterilizes can use lasers and UV rays for the same purpose too.

If you are looking for an economical way to clean the baby bottles the steam sterilizers are the perfect options for you.

Types Of Baby Bottle Sterilizers.

Apart from the common electric steam sterilizers in the market, you can also find other types to use. Let us see their mode of operation, including the electric steam sterilizers too:

  • Electric steam sterilizers:

The electric steam sterilizers use steam as the main element for sterilization. Water is heated to steam which has temperatures of 1000C flat. The temperature is enough to kill the harmful germs but is also low enough to keep the physical state of the plastic bottle intact.

 After cooling off, the bottle should be clean enough for food meant for the baby. This type of sterilization is ideal for milk that you need to stay fresh for a long period.

  • Cold water sterilization:

This also works with the same principle as the steam sterilizers, but uses cold water instead. You can place normal tap water in the bottle and use sterilization tablets to kill the germs.

You should have a sterilized plastic bottle within 15 minutes and you do not have to wait for the unit to cool off. It may seem like the tablet is the best baby bottle sterilizer for you to use, but it is not a guarantee that it will do a perfect job, especially in the inner parts that the water cannot access.

  • Microwave sterilizers:

These sterilizers are also ideal for sterilization. They use micro waves to kill the germs and bacteria without any other element involved. With the current doubts on the safety of microwaves, the sterilizers have not been as popular as the rest of them are.

With that said, a baby bottle steam sterilizer seems to be the best option for you. How will you know which one of them is the perfect one? Here is a buying guide you can use to shop for the best electric bottle steam sterilizers;

Buying Guide For The Best Electric Steam Sterilizer.

  • Electricity Usage:

You would not want to purchase a baby bottle sterilizer that will add some hefty bills to your current ones. Choose an electric steam sterilizer that can be of economic value to you in the long term.

There is no need in purchasing a cheap sterilizer which you consider to be the best electric bottle sterilizer because of the price but will keep on piling the bills.

  • Portability:

A highly portable electric steam sterilizer for baby bottles can be the best option for you yet. You may need to use the bottle away from home, hence sterilization should be done there.

Portability is not of much importance to you, but even the weight counts. If you choose a bulky sterilizer, moving it around the house could be a difficult task. But with a portable sterilizer, you can use it anywhere you feel like.

  • Ease Of Use:

The lesser the buttons and procedures, the better the sterilizer. You should choose an electric sterilizer that will not give you a hard time or make you waste much time to operate it.

The buttons that should be included in the electric sterilizer for baby bottles should be for the intensity, water input regulation and power. All the rest will just inconvenience you.

  • Safety Mechanisms:

Steam is always at 1000C unless it contains impurities. This temperature is enough to scald badly you if some escape with great velocity to your skin.

You should therefore choose a steam sterilizer that should be able to keep the steam away from you when you are using it.

It should not be that hard for you to get one since they are usually sold when all the safety features are proven to work perfectly.

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Why should you waste time trying to discover the best electric sterilizer when you can get the top rated bottle sterilizer in just a few seconds? Here are the best ones in the market for you to choose from:

1. Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer And Dryer Plus Version.

The wabi baby electric steam sterilizer only takes 8-15 minutes to complete the sterilization process. The time cap is fixed and a sensor is fitted to ensure that the system knows when the sterilization is complete.

To make sure that the Wabi sterilizer does not consume much electricity, the system shuts off as soon as the sensor reports a complete sterilization.

After the sterilization is complete, you can choose the duration in which you will need the baby bottle cooled off. The sterilizer can cool bottles within 30-60 minutes after sterilization.

This proves that the Wabi baby sterilizer is the best electric bottle sterilizer to use at any time that you are in a rush.

The sterilizer has a simple operation. You just have to add water and insert the bottle. After one press of a button, the sterilizer will start working its magic, which you wait for just a few minutes for results.

The sterilizer can fit up to 8 standard sized bottles for babies. You can therefore cleanse more than enough bottles at a time, which eliminates the necessity of you ever needing to sterilize a bottle each time you need to feed the baby.

The sterilizer is also fitted with a countdown timer that you can use to monitor the progress of the sterilization and manage your time well.

2. Philips AVENT 4-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer.

The Philips AVENT steam sterilizer is also the best electric steam sterilizer for you to use. It can kill a high percentage of bacteria and germs that are present on your baby bottle.

The average sterilization is 99.9% bacteria eradication. This ensures that the milk that you store in the baby bottle is not harmful for the baby nor will it spoil after a short period of time.

Within only 6 minutes, the Philips AVENT steam sterilizer will have completed the sterilization process. The baby bottle will be completely sterilized for use and you will save lots of time as compared to some other types of sterilizers.

The system shuts down as soon as the sterilization process is complete, hence it is the best sterilizer for baby bottles to use when you are trying to limit the electricity usage at home.

The cooling process itself does not take up much time. The sterilizer cools the bottles in a short duration so that you can start using them as soon as possible.

To prevent the use of unsterilized bottles, users cannot stop the sterilization process as soon as it starts. The user has to wait for it to be completed to be able to remove the bottles.

This feature has made the product shine in the best baby bottle sterilizer review sites as it has been of much significance.

3. Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer.

If your schedule is too tight for you to waste even a second, then this should be the best electric steam sterilizer for you to use.

A great percentage of its construction is plastic. This means that the Tommee Tippee electric steam sterilizer will not leave any oxidized materials in the bottles after the sterilization.

The plastic does not react with the steam, hence its perfect for the job.

The plastic nature also ensures that the sterilizer will not burn anyone as the water is heated to steam. Some of the sterilizers in the market have a history of either scalding or burning the users.

The Tommee Tippee electric sterilizer for baby bottles is also portable. It weighs just 4.5 pounds, which is low enough to be carried anywhere by hand or by air.

The plastic used in the construction is free from any harmful composition like BPA. You will not have to deal with any other problem after the sterilization.

The machine has been considered in the baby bottle sterilizer reviews to be the best baby electric steam sterilizer that has its own model of plastic bottles to use. The plastic bottles for the Tommee tepee sterilizer can be bought separately.

The sterilizer can cleanse up to 6 bottles at a time, ensuring that you will not have to sterilize any other bottle for the whole day.

Since the bottles will be highly sterilized, you can carry with you a couple of bottles any time you go for a walk.


 It should not be so hard for you to find the best electric steam sterilizer to use at home. The ones listed in the review meet all the qualities pointed out in the buying guide and also have some other features that I think you are going to find ideal for the purpose.

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