Best Bikes for Heavy Adults

In this article, we have reviewed best bikes for heavy adults. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot or you can scroll down for the detailed reviews.

sixthreezero Around The Block...
Editor's Choice
Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat...
17inch/One size
Mint Green w/ Black Seat/Grips
Navy Blue
sixthreezero Around The Block...
17inch/One size
Mint Green w/ Black Seat/Grips
Editor's Choice
Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat...
Navy Blue

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Biking has always been a fun aerobic exercise. You don’t need a specific workout routine. You can commute to your workstation, run your errands, or do some casual riding while burning the excess fats.

For overweight people, finding a suitable bike is never a walk in the park. The fear of collapsing with the bicycle’s frame can be mortifying.

Through our extensive research, we have established the best bikes for heavy men and women. You can cruise around your hood, commute to work, go off-roading, and do more with your bicycle.

Bikes for Over 400lbs Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Bikes for Heavy Adults?

Choosing the best bikes for heavy adults is not a piece of cake. There are few factors to consider and weigh in before paying for the bike. Of course, you have to factor in your body weight and height when making the selection.

Bikes for Heavy Adults
Bikes for Heavy Adults

Landing on a good bike will hinge on your personal needs. Besides, your weight, you need to note the reason why you want the product. With the numerous bicycles on sale, you can still find the middle ground between your budget and a suitable bike. After all, the market is never short of affordable models, which will meet all your cycling needs.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Bike for Over 400lbs

The Wheel Size

An exercise bike 450lb capacity usually has a smaller wheel diameter. For example, the 26 option is robust and can withstand overweight riders.

The 29 wheels are excellent when it comes to agility. However, they flex more with heavy riders. Being a big biker will mean that you find a middle ground between speed and your comfort.

Ensure to go for large tires with double-wall construction. They offer the best cushioning and can also withstand the pressure of heavy riders. Besides, you’ll need to look out for knobby treads or thick waffle tires because of their efficient grip on the road.

Riding Posture

When biking, you can either ride on an upright position or hunch forward. Most mountain bikes for 300lbs man allow you to ride on the upright style. If you have a big belly, you’ll still have room for holding it up.

Bike Frames

The frame design is quite significant when rummaging for a bicycle weight limit 400lbs. Bike parts are always made of aluminum, steel, titanium, or carbon. Steel frames have been all the rage due to their sturdiness and durability. Likewise, aluminum is great, affordable, and lightweight.

The frame size of the bicycle hinges on your height and inseam. You need to achieve the best leg extension regardless of your height. Even if you are heavy and short in stature, make sure that your feet can comfortably touch the ground while you’re on your saddle.

Spoke Counts

As a heavy biker, you should shop for a bicycle with higher spoke counts. The rear wheel is central in your rolling, hence, it should have more than 24 spokes. If you already have fewer wheels on your bike, it is high time you upgrade.


Bikes for over 400lbs should have a wide saddle with maximum cushioning. At least the huge biker can balance on the seat and have a comfortable ride.

Accessory Compatibility

It is almost impossible to own several bicycles for different occasions. However, you can customize your fat guy bike to befit every move.

As you shop, ensure that you land on a model that is upgradeable and customizable. It should have mounting points for the rack, basket, baby seat, water bottle, or pannier. It is a plus if you can change the tires when you are off-roading and replace them when riding on paved ways. Besides, there should be enough clearance for you to mount on the fenders or take them off depending on the weather condition.

What are the different types of bikes?

Road Bikes

These types of bikes are fit for clear roadways and on-road racing. They have skinny tires, lightweight frame, high gear ration, and handlebars that curve downwards.

You can shop for road bikes for 300lbs man if you are after cycling on paved ways, commuting on tarmacked paths, or participating in on-road racing. Note that, it is almost impossible to upgrade or customize a road bike for off-roading trips.

Hybrid Bikes

These bicycles are a blend of road bikes and mountain bikes. They are versatile with flat handlebars and narrow tires. Most of them have front suspension while others are fully rigid.

The plus of hybrid bikes is that you can upgrade the tires and enjoy some moderate off-roading.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bicycles are meant for rough and uneven terrains. They can either have upright or flat handlebars. You can identify them by their knobby tires and multiple gears.

Mountain bikes may only have a front suspension, full suspension, or it can be rigid.

Touring Bikes

These are long-distance bikes designed for cargo. Touring bicycles have all the mounting bolts and they can accommodate pannier racks, wider tires, and mudguards.

Cyclocross Bikes

A Cyclocross bike rolls on any type of surface including unpaved rails, grass, gravel, sand, or mud areas. They feature drop handlebars and roomy clearance on the wheels for the fenders and knobby tires.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes have a long and low design. They include a full-size seat and a backrest. The bicycle is suitable for people with neurological conditions and anyone who wants a low-impact body workout. Recumbent bikes can either be two-wheeled or three-wheeled.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are suitable for riders who care about their storage space. You can take it with you on a boat, plane, train, or bus. Besides, it is a go-to option for those who do not have safe parking.

Folding bikes have smaller wheels.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruisers have fat tires, wide handlebars, and upright. Most of them are either one-speed or 3-speed. Besides, they have retro coaster brakes. Cruiser bikes are excellent for recreation and casual riding.

What are the advantages of using bikes if you’re overweight?

  • It is an aerobic workout.

According to a publication by the Harvard Medical School, pedaling is an aerobic exercise that benefits the heart, brain, and circulatory system.

  • Helps with recovery

If you have soreness in the joints, back, or shoulders, cycling may be your therapy. Biking also remedies age-related stiffness. Unlike walking, which concentrates your body weight on the legs, riding a bike puts your weight on the pelvic bones.

  • Builds muscle

Cycling works various muscles, including the gluteus, quadriceps, flexor muscles of the hips, and the hamstrings. You will also be engaging your abdominal muscles for balancing in the bicycle.

  • Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle

Biking burns calories while helping you to stay fit. For overweight adults, this benefit is a stroke of luck. As you’ll be making casual rides around the block, your body will be losing excess fat and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and chronic illnesses such as cancer.

Best Bikes for Heavy Men

1. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

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Mongoose Malus has a beach cruiser frame. Its tires are so huge with maximum clearance. Therefore, you can steadily ride through sand, snow, or even dirt. Thanks to the 7-speed gearing, you can also navigate steep inclines and bumps.

This model comes with mechanical disc brakes with Shimano rear derailleur. The feature ensures precise braking when making long descents. Besides, these types of brakes offer the best stopping power on wet surfaces.

Mongoose Malus is an excellent bike for heavy adults. The sturdy steel frame maintains stability throughout the ride. If you are too tall, you can adjust the handlebars relative to your height.

Features at Glance

  • 26 wheel diameter
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • A 7-speed gearing system
  • 4 wide tires for maximum stability on different surfaces
  • Beach cruiser steel frame
  • 42 high with 26 adjustable handlebars
  • 3-piece cranks with beach cruiser pedals

What we Liked

  • A 7-speed gearing allows cyclists to ride through rough terrains including bumpy roads and steep slopes
  • The disc brakes offer excellent braking power with the utmost precision
  • Huge 4.25 knobby tires which allow you to traverse different types of terrains
  • A beach cruiser frame with fat tires, maximum vertical clearance, and steadiness in all surfaces
  • Quite affordable
  • The components are upgradable

What’s the Bottom Line?

Mongoose Malus is the best exercise bike 500lb capacity, as it accommodates all sizes. Even if you are as tall as 6’5, the model will still hold up.

It allows you to wade through debris, hilly terrains, snow, loose earth, or shallow waters with ease. The plus of Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike is that it is budget-friendly and the design is upgradeable. You can choose to bed in a gas-powered or electric motor and even swap the wheels with standard-sized tires.

Although you can replace some of the components, assembling these parts is still a breeze.

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire...
  • Steel mountain-style fat tire frame
  • Rear derailleur for smooth gear changes
  • Front and rear disc brakes for crisp stopping and precise speed control
  • Fat, knobby 4-inch wide mountain tires roll over anything in their path; 4-inch alloy rims are light and strong
  • Alloy a-head stem and mountain handlebar keep you in complete control out on the trail

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2. Sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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Sixthreezero Beach Cruiser is a commuter bike that befits adults between 5-feet and 6’4. It has a sturdy 18 frame with a forward pedaling design, which suits both short and tall riders.

The model is a single-speed bicycle. It is perfect for recreational rides, commuting, or casual cyclists. Sixthreezero In The Barrel has no complicated gear systems, hence, it is affordable and easy to maintain. The secret of going uphill with a one-speed bike is to gain momentum just before ascending the slope. In so doing, you’ll have effortless pedal strokes while retaining your speed.

The frame of this bicycle is customizable. You can attach a basket or even a baby seat on it.

Features at Glance

  • An 18 steel frame
  • Forward-pedaling design
  • A single-speed bike
  • Coaster braking mechanism
  • Cushy saddles and ergonomic handlebars
  • 2 cruiser tires
  • Weight range of up to 300lbs
  • 26 wheels

What we Liked

  • An extended frame with a forward pedaling design that curves naturally to allow tall riders onboard
  • Cushy saddles for maximum comfort in long rides
  • Synthetic leather handgrips with anti-slip properties
  • The frame is upgradable and customizable for accessories like baby seats and baskets
  • Handgrips and seats are adjustable to fit the rider
  • Riding speeds of up to 17mph

What’s the Bottom Line?

Sixthreezero In The Barrel Bike is ideal for casual riders who are cruising in the neighborhood and other flat terrains. The model is affordable and it is a good buy for heavy adults who are in for exercising and recreational rides.

In The Barrel may not be a racer bike but it aces through the pathways with a maximum speed of up to 17mph. The comfy saddles, grips, and the sturdy frame will allow you to cycle as far as 20 miles without tiring out.

For the price and the features, Sixthreezero is among the best bikes for 300lbs man.

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3. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men's Mountain Bike

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Mongoose Dolomite is among the best off-road beach cruiser bikes for over 350lbs. Thanks to its supersized knobby tires, you can ride through mud, dirt, and snowy areas.

The bicycle has front and rear disc brakes with Shimano derailleur. You can make emergency stops even when cycling at the highest speed. Due to the 7-speed gearing, going uphill or downhill is a breeze. What’s more, there are twist shifters, which make it easy to change the gears.

What makes Mongoose Dolomite stand out as a good bike for heavy men is its excellent geometry. Anyone between 5′ and 6′ can comfortably ride on it.

Features at Glance

  • Multiple gear options
  • 4 knobby tires
  • 26 wheel size
  • A cushioned saddle
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • An adjustable threadless headset
  • 18 Steel frame
  • Dual disc breaks
  • Beach cruiser pedals
  • 3-piece cranks

What we Liked

  • Easily accessible grip-shifts on the handlebars for changing the gears
  • A lightweight but sturdy frame
  • Different color options ranging from red, light blue, and navy
  • The bike is upgradeable
  • Easy to assemble the bicycle parts
  • Robust tires that can withstand rough rides through the rocks, mountains, snow paths, and muddy terrains
  • Accommodates up to 350 pounds
  • Mechanical disk brakes with precision braking even on emergency stops

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you are looking for bikes for over 350lbs, Mongoose Dolomite should be your go-to option. The model is affordable and has great features. The thick tires guarantee that you will have smooth rides regardless of the weather conditions.

The bike will transform you into a racer when off-roading but you can also use it while commuting or as part of your recreational activities.

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat...
  • Conquer any off-road trail with ease with this steel-framed mountain bike with supersized all-terrain knobby tires
  • The threadless headset is adjustable for riders of different heights; For added speed and performance, the strong, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down
  • Ride comfortably with beach cruiser pedals and ensure safety with front and rear disc brakes
  • Rear derailleur with seven speeds makes hills easier to climb, while twist shifters make it smooth and easy to change gears while riding
  • This bike ships ready to be assembled. Sized for adult riders 5' 6" to 6' tall, and has a limited lifetime warranty

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4. Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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Around The Block is a low-budget bike that gives you comfort throughout your rides. It has an ergonomic frame, which will not only hold up the heavy guys but also people of short stature. The wide handlebars and the plush dual-spring saddle are all cushy for added comfort when cycling for long periods.

Sixthreezero is an upright bicycle, hence, it will transform your rides into aerobic workouts. Besides, this posture will neither strain your shoulders nor the back.

Since the model is a single-speed bike, you can cruise on flat terrains, commute within the city roads, or make recreational rides in the neighborhood.

Features at Glance

  • 19 geometric steel frame
  • A single-speed bike that’s ideal for flat surfaces
  • Dual-spring saddle
  • Wide handlebars with foam grips
  • Coaster brakes for instant stops
  • 26 wheel diameter
  • 2 thick tires
  • A rear rack
  • Low pedal position for excellent leg extension

What we Liked

  • Adjustable cushy seats and foam hand grips for comfort
  • Lightweight design although it has a beach cruiser frame
  • Upright riding position ensures that you do not strain your back
  • Available in five pastel colors
  • It is reasonably priced
  • A rear rack for attaching panniers and baskets

What’s the Bottom Line?

Sixthreezero Around the Block is ideal for cyclists who are in for recreational rides without having to break the bank. The model is great for flat terrains and short mileage. However, if you have mastered the art of gaining momentum, you’ll have the advantage of acing through some gentle inclines.

If you are looking for cruiser bikes for 300lbs man, Around The Block is a sure bet. The bicycle fits cyclists from 5′ to 6’2″.

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5. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

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With the Shimano 7-speed derailleur, you can leisurely cycle in your locality or go for the long-distance off-road tours. This gearing system allows you to go uphill, downhill, or ride on flat roads. If you are descending a hill, the front and rear handbrakes will help you maintain the best momentum.

EVRY’s riding speed is between 8 and 18mph. You can ride up to 20 miles as you run your errands, commute to your workstation, or cruising for leisure. Thanks to its lightweight frame, foot-forward pedaling, wide saddles, and the foam handgrips, you will experience smooth rides without stressing your body.

Features at Glance

  • 26 wheels
  • 7-speed gearing with external derailleur
  • Front and rear linear-pull handbrakes
  • Full fenders
  • Synthetic leather saddle and grips
  • 2 semi-slick tires
  • A low lightweight aluminum frame
  • Foot-forward pedaling design
  • A rear rack
  • 3-piece crank

What we Liked

  • The 2 semi-slick tires have the best traction on dry terrains
  • Front and rear handbrakes for emergency braking
  • Shimano 7-speed derailleur allows you to ace through rough conditions
  • The low frame gives the rider an upright incline and heads-up position, hence, no staining of the back or shoulders
  • It is customizable and inclusive of a rear rack
  • The forward pedaling design for upright posture and proper leg extension
  • Matching fenders at both wheels keep you from mud and water splashes

What’s the Bottom Line?

EVRYjourney is among the best hybrid bikes for 300lbs man. The bicycle is a one-size-fits-all for adults, as it accommodates the height range of 5′ and 6’4. Its geometry gives you an upright riding posture and proper extension of the leg regardless of your body size.

EVRY is an ideal commuter bike but you can ride it as part of your leisure or exercise routine. You can customize it depending on the occasion by adding a basket, water bottle, baby seat, panniers, and more.

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Best Bikes for Heavy Women

1. Sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Single-Speed Beach Cruiser

Sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Single-Speed Beach Cruiser

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If you are hunting down for the best bike for overweight female, Around The Block fits the bill. The bicycle features a sturdy frame, which accommodates most sizes. Even on long rides, your shoulders won’t hurt, and neither will you experience back pains because of the characteristic upright rising style of Sixthreezero bikes.

The model is a one-speed bicycle. It is excellent on flat terrains but you can cruise up to 20 miles. If you have to make an emergency stop, the coaster brakes are handy for the job.

The plus of SIxthreezero Around The Block is that it is among the few bikes that suit women with short stature.

Features at Glance

  • 17 steel frame
  • Pedal-backwards coaster brakes
  • 26 wheels
  • Waffle tread tires for easy rolling
  • A rear rack
  • Wide and adjustable seats and handgrips
  • Coaster brakes for easy braking
  • 2 semi-slick tires
  • Synthetic leather grips and seats

What we Liked

  • An upright riding style, which ensures that you don’t strain your back, wrists, or shoulders
  • The low pedal position allows for proper leg extension while minimizing soreness in the knees and ankles
  • The semi-slick tires provide excellent traction and smooth rides on bumpy roads
  • It fits all adults in the range of 5′ and 6’4
  • The synthetic leather handgrips minimize sweat or grime on the hands
  • Customizable depending on the occasion
  • Weight range of up to 300 pounds

What’s the Bottom Line?

Around The Block is among the best bikes for over 300lbs woman. It is suitable for casual rides around your locality.

The bike is a combination of comfort and sleek design for sassy riders as you get to choose from six different colors. You can adjust the seats and the handlebars to give you extra comfort.

It is affordable and quite easy to maintain. Since it comes with a rear rack, you only need to attach a basket, and off you go to the grocery.

sixthreezero Around The Block...
  • Classic, curvy women's beach cruiser bicycle with 17-inch durable steel frame; ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood
  • Upright riding style keeps your back and shoulders comfortable; dual-spring saddle and wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips
  • Single-speed bike great for cruising on flat terrain; pedal-backwards coaster brakes for easy stopping
  • 26-inch, 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels with large waffle tread tires provide a cushioned ride for easy rolling
  • Blacked-out components for added style; includes rear rack for optional baskets and panniers; Drop Out: 3/8" Threading Axle

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2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 3-Speed Step

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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is an urban commuting bicycle that fits adult bikers from 5′ to 6’4. The model features a 7-speed mechanism that allows you to cruise beyond your hood. Whether you are going on an off-road tour, riding uphill, or cycling on tricky terrains, this gearing system got your back.

The 26 wheels provide the best acceleration when climbing a steep slope or navigating a bend. Besides, EVRY’s tires are semi-slick to provide maximum grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

What’s more, this model has an excellent suspension system. There is a double spring saddle, which absorbs shockwaves when going through bumpy rides. Yet still, the double-wall tires provide maximum cushioning for a seamless rolling.

Features at Glance

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 7-speed gearing mechanism
  • Shimano external derailleur
  • 2 semi-slick tires
  • Matching full fenders
  • 26 wheels
  • Front and rear pedal brakes
  • A rear rack
  • 3-piece crankset

What we Liked

  • Semi-slick tires for stable rides and maximum traction
  • A low frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike
  • Synthetic leather saddle
  • Matching fenders for keeping off mud and water
  • Forward-pedaling design provides a comfortable riding position for bikers of different heights
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Leather-stitched handlebars give you a firm grip without fussing about sweaty hands

What’s the Bottom Line?

EVRYjourney women’s bike is suitable for adventures and recreations as you can ride for longer miles at different weather conditions.

If you are incorporating cycling into your exercise routine, this model will work for you. The frame is gentle on your back and knees and it also helps when recovering from injuries. As Dr. Thomas Hyde puts it, biking can prevent back pains and neck injuries.

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3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Women’s Hybrid Bike with Rear Rack

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Women's Hybrid Bike with Rear Rack

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This hybrid bike is a cinch to set up as it is 85% preassembled.

EVRYjourney Hybrid has a low steel frame that allows riders to mount or dismount the bike with ease. Thanks to the foot-forward pedal position, you can stop and step on the ground while still seated on the saddle. Whether you are as short as 5′ or as tall as 6’2, the frame will be in favor of your height.

With the multiple gear system, you can ride in almost all terrains. EVRYjourney Hybrid will take you through the clear terraces, sandy beaches, rocky roads, and snowy paths.

Features at Glance

  • Shimano 7-speed external derailleur
  • 5 steel frame
  • 26 wheels
  • 2 semi-slick tires
  • Front and rear linear-pull brakes
  • Synthetic leather seats
  • A rear rack
  • Fenders
  • 3-piece crankset

What we Liked

  • A low frame, which eases mounting and dismounting the bicycle
  • Foot-forward pedal system allows you to step on the ground while seated on the saddle regardless of your height
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality synthetic leather seat for comfortable rides
  • High-gloss metallic finish
  • Weight limit of over 300lbs
  • Matching fenders wades off muddy and water splashes

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you fancy retro style with a sleek design, riding Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid should be on your bucket list. The model is available in two colors with a glossy metallic finish. You can ride it on long trips, cruise over dirty roads, or ascend hilly terrains by shifting between the multi-gears.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel...
  • Hybrid bike for women combines the features of a comfort bike and a commuter bike, Comes 85% assembled
  • Shimano 7-speed external derailleur and front and rear handbrakes for leisure rides to long-distance commutes
  • Low, swooping 17. 5-inch steel frame with easy step-through puts you in an upright riding position and keeps your back, knees, and shoulders comfortable
  • 26-inch wheels and 2-inch semi-slick tires provide excellent roll and a cushioned, stable ride
  • Navy frame and fenders and brown saddle and grips make a stylish statement

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Can a 400-pound person ride a bike?

Every person, regardless of their body size, will find a bike that’s suitable for them. For instance, the Mongoose Malus is an excellent exercise bike 450lb capacity. You only have to understand your cycling needs and you’re good to go. After all, biking is the best workout for overweight people who want to cut down on their body fats.

What is the best mountain bike for big guys 2021?

Bikes for the big guys have to be sturdy. The frame, wheels, and the saddle must be robust to endure the pressure of high body weight.

Take, for, example, the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is great for heavyweight mountaineers. It features a 26 wheel, knobby tires, a wide saddle, and steel frame. An overweight biker will comfortably ride on it without collapsing its components or straining their bodies.

What are the precautions that an overweight person can take before riding a bicycle?

Always ensure that you stick to the weight limit of the bike. In the case where you have to tag along with your cargo, make sure that the distribution of weight is even across the frame. Most of the time, riding on hilly and uneven ground may destabilize you, especially if you’ve not balanced your load nicely.

Most importantly, you need to check on your cycling posture as it determines your comfort and the possibility of having an injury. You have to relax your shoulders, maintain a natural posture of the spine, and properly align your knees with your foot.


Cycling could be the only outdoor workout that transforms your exercise routine into fun-time. It aids in weight loss and muscle gain. Besides, it is suitable for people with low back pain and injuries.

The key to enjoying a good ride is finding a comfortable bike. Our buying guide and the top recommendations will help you pick the right model. Whether you are biking to your workplace, riding casually, or engaging in weight loss, this article will walk you through.