Baby Bottle Warmer On The Go Review |Best Mobile Bottle Warmer.

Here Are The Best Baby Bottle Warmers On The Go

Since time moves faster as your duties pile up, you may forget one or two times to warm baby milk. So, what do you do when your baby is hungry and starts to cry?  You will agree with me that a cold bottle of milk will do no good! Your magic ward is a baby bottle warmer on the go.

While traveling with a baby, it can be mind boggling especially when you want to feed the baby and the milk is already cold!

Nevertheless, with portable baby bottle warmers, you’ll be fully covered. A baby bottle warmer on the go will give you the much-needed convenience when you’re away from your microwave, stove or electricity supply.

Make sure your bottle warmer fits into your diaper bag and its portable enough and easy to use.

What Is A Portable Baby Bottle Warmer?

Before we go deep into the bottle warmers,

I think it is best to know first what a bottle warmer is.

 A portable breast milk warmer is a machine that you can use to heat the contents of a baby bottle to the optimal heat level to feed the baby.

The baby bottle warmers use steam as the heating agent and avoids mixing up the baby milk with unhealthy contents giving you the much-needed warmth for comfortable baby feeding.

Why Do You Need A On The Go Baby Bottle Warmer?

Equipping yourself with the best portable bottle warmer will give you the much needed convenience to leave your house at a moment’s notice without a worry about how you’ll warm your infant’s milk.

For ages, the use of some types of heat sources like the microwave for heating baby foods has been discouraged.

Some experts argue that these heat sources have the potential of poisoning the food/milk with either radioactive content or specs of foreign material.

With a mobile bottle warmer, the steam will warms up the baby milk to the temperature of your desire for values below the 1000 limit.

Some advanced bottle warmers can also prevent you from exceeding the temperature at which your baby may drink.

Types Of Best Travel Bottle Warmer,

These are the types of baby bottle warmers that you can find:

I. Steam Baby Bottle Warmers

These baby bottles use steam power to heat the surface of the bottle and in turn heat the contents of the bottle.

They are the safest and most efficient baby bottle warmers that you can find currently at great prices.

When you are trying to hasten the process of warming baby milk without a stove or a microwave, then a steam baby bottle warmer on the go should have enough in it to give you quick results.

These bottle warmers are also the focus of today.

II. Water Stream Baby Bottle Warmers.

The warmers work the same way as the steam bottle warmers do, but uses a water bath rather than team.

The hot water bath conducts the heat to the baby bottles, which in turn heat the contents in them.

III. Microwave Warmers.

There are some microwave warmers customized for baby food.

They can heat the baby food to a temperature that is favorable for the baby without exceeding the value.

This feature gives them a bigger advantage over the steam warmers since they give more control on the heat value.

They are however not trendy in the stores because of their probability of baby food contamination.

They have been modified back to larger microwaves (brands are retained) to serve a better purpose for people, though you may still find one or two lying around in the stores, but why take the risk?

Buying Guide For The Baby Bottle Warmer On The Go.

The bottle warmers are nice catches right?

Well, here are a few tips on the qualities of the bottle warmers that you need to look for in order for you to end up with the best portable baby bottle warmer:

  • Ease Of Use:

You do not want a baby bottle warmer that will keep you trying to switch it on the whole day.

You need to go for a bottle warmer that has more functions but less complexity.

An easy control panel plus accessible buttons is the best combination on a bottle warmer.

  • Power Input:

With the difference in power supplies, the machines made today usually have a power rating that you should abide by.

If for example you are in the US, the best portable baby bottle warmer for you should be rated 110V.

You could however, find a power inverter that you can use to raise the power input to a bigger value.

This will however prove that the on the go bottle warmer that you just bought is way more expensive than the 220V rated bottle warmer.

  • Portable Functions:

If possible, you can try to find a baby bottle warmer that can still be used while you are on the road.

A feature like a battery power supply is an example of a feature that gives you the chance of using the machine in a place not close to home.

A machine that also uses a DC power supply of less than 12V is also a great example of portable machines you can use.

  • Heating Speed:

Since steam remains at a constant temperature of 1000C, nearly all of the bottle warmers work at the same rate.

The speed that I am talking about concerns the water heating process. You need an  on the go baby bottle warmer that heats the water fastest.

Since it may take you forever to browse through the hundreds of models online, here are the best bottle warmers to give you a head start:

1. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

The Dr. Brown’s travel baby bottle warmer can heat your baby milk in a bottle or even baby food in food jars.

You can warm several jars of food or bottles of milk (especially if you have twins) contents without the need of a refill at an instance.

This makes it much more convenient for you since you do not have to keep checking the water level every time.

The travel bottle warmer has a simple LCD control panel. The CP has only a few buttons labeled with icons that anyone can decipher.

The basket of the bottle warmer can be adjusted according to the size of baby bottle you are placing.  This gives you a more diverse use of the baby bottle warmer on the go.

If left for long without being used, the bottle warmer will switch off automatically. This obviously reduces the digits on your power bill significantly and also saves you from a drained car battery.

This Dr. brown’s portable breast milk warmer model weighs only 2 pounds, making it highly portable and easy to be handled by anyone who has known the ones and twos.

2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer.

The kiinde kozi mottle warmer heats the whole bottle equally by creating a stream of hot water which bathes the bottle.

The equality of the feat distribution makes it ideal for milk and thicker substances like porridge, which takes lots of time to reach the core on low heating.

The water reservoir lasts for a great period. Unlike the steam warmers, the kiinde kozi bottle warmer’s reservoir retains the water for long since the steam does not escape by much.

This is the advantage of using water baths instead of steam.

The warmer doesn’t need contained fluids. You can go ahead, pour contents into the warmer, and start the heating process immediately.

You also get a timer fixed onto the bottle warmer. The timer helps you to keep check of the food’s temperature.

It also switches off the whole machine once the last second ticks.

The warming chamber not only functions with milk, but also baby bottles and milk storage bags.

You can therefore heat the baby milk without removing it from the storage bags.

The total weight of the machine is just 1.9 pounds, making it highly portable and hence great for trips and vacations.

3. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer.

The Philips AVENT mobile bottle warmer has a great design that adds some taste into a kitchen.

It gives you an advantage if you have the Philips ADVENT baby bottles or toddler cups.

These products can fit perfectly in the bottle warmer and heat the contents without any heat loss or inefficiency.

The heat distribution is even and you can heat 4 ounces of milk within just three minutes.

After a long storage period for the milk inside a cooler, you can use the bottle warmer to defrost the milk with equal heating.

The bottle warmer has a compact design that makes it great for the kitchen’s countertop or even your nightstand (you never know which time in the night the baby will start screaming with hunger).

It also weighs around 1.2 pounds.

So far, this best travel bottle warmer has the lowest weight possible making it a highly portable baby bottle warmer on the go.

4. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer.

This is the best car bottle warmer to use in any vehicle or power source with the same power supply.

Its independence from wall sockets makes it the most liked bottle warmer in the stores.

The Tommee Tippee travel bottle has a construction that contains no trace of BPA and phthalates. You can therefore warm your food without the fear of poisoning the baby’s food.

It also has a thermal flask to keep water warm in case you may need it afterwards.

The design is also outstanding. You can place it at any part of the house since it does not have that plain kitchenware look.

The Tommee Tippee battery powered bottle warmer works the same way as the AC powered bottle warmers do.

You just need a good source of power from a car to power it up.

Even when you are on the road, the bottle warmer will function as normal hence you can feed the baby at any place.

It is however much heavier than the rest of the top picks that you can find. It weighs 11 pounds, which is almost 5 times more than the rest of them but is equally manageable for anyone.


Healthy living is the code people abide by in this era of shortened life spans.

You should use a baby bottle warmer on the go to have a stabilized temperature in your baby’s milk or any food you can feed through the baby bottle.